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Vw panoramic sunroof maintenance

With the push of a button, a sunroof brings the outside inβ€”and can make your car feel more spacious. The number of new vehicles sporting this bright feature has increased dramatically over the past few years, and market researchers estimate that demand will jump even more in the next five years.

Sunroofs are also growing in size, with panoramic versions becoming more common. Without attention, your sunroof can be more likely to leak or break down. Regular cleaning of your sunroof is the most effective way to keep it functional. Every time you clean your car, give your sunroof some TLC with these steps:.

If you live in a dusty climate or drive on dirt roads, you may want to make this a monthly practice. First, clean the sunroof as you normally would. Then clear the sunroof trough just inside the rubber seal by blowing low-pressure air no more than 10 psi!

Finish the process by inserting a skinny, flexible, non-puncturing wire into a drain tube, twisting the wire clockwise and then counterclockwise while gently pushing it deeper into the tube.

Make sure to check the length of your drain tubes; the far ends, usually located under the car near the wheels, can be tempting places for insects to build nests that can block the drains and cause leaks. Then close the sunroof and pour water over the glass. If it leaks into the passenger compartment, look for cracks or jagged edges along the sunroof seal, and scan the area around the seal for any excessive water pooling or mold. Still leaking? Consider taking your car to a pro for a repair.

If your roof is sticking or seems to be slow, inspect the moving parts if they are visible for cracked or stripped gears, or a buildup of dirt and debris. Turn on your car engine and cycle the roof through the open, closed and vent positions to identify the area where the problem occurs.

If it runs more smoothly after a couple of cycles, clean everything and then lightly and carefully apply a lightweight, heat-resistant grease to any visible moving parts. Take your car to a qualified sunroof repair shop. Popping and scraping noises are generally not good sounds for cars to make; in a sunroof they may indicate parts that need lubricating, slipping gears, or some other mechanical issue.

If you notice any of these noises, clean your sunroof and lubricate any visible components. Some drivers have reported hearing popping noises right before their sunroofs shatter; if you hear those sounds, take your car to a qualified repair shop. Get a fast, free quote today. Read more : 7 car noises you should never ignore. Email Your email address will not be published. Many thanks for info on care of sunroof.

VW recalls 700,000 Tiguans and Tourans with panoramic sunroof and ambient lighting

Lots of good ideas in e-mails. Geico give information that is helpful in everyday life in other areas that is important to not only their customers but the whole community.

Helpful posts and hints that is information to all in so many categories. Leave a comment cancel reply Comment Name Email Your email address will not be published.December 29, β€” A VW sunroof leak lawsuit alleges the sunroofs were defectively designed and manufactured due to their drainage systems and seals. In addition, the automaker allegedly doesn't honor warranties when water leaks occur on these vehicles. The VW sunroof leak class action lawsuit alleges customers were given promises about the vehicles and warranties through advertising.

But those customers allegedly soon learned they couldn't drive their vehicles in the rain or through car washes without water leaking into the cabins. And depending on a warranty to cover the problem allegedly does nothing but force a customer to pay for panoramic sunroof repairs and replacements.

VW and Audi dealers were allegedly sent at least five technical service bulletins about problems related to the panoramic sunroofs. Volkswagen issued a TSB in March that included tips for replacing faulty sunroof frames, and the following month dealers were informed about customers complaining about water leaks from the sunroof drain tubes.

How To Maintain Your Car’s Sunroof

Less than a month later another bulletin informed dealers about sunroof frames that caused problems with the shades. Another bulletin was issued in January that included a special notice for dealerships to return all sunroof repair kits. Customers claim the leaking sunroofs cause distractions while driving and foggy windshields from condensation.

Additionally, a leaking sunroof can damage important electrical components related to safety functions. And the plaintiff claims water ruins carpets and parts of the interior which creates mold growth and moldy odors.

The VW sunroof leak lawsuit was filed in the U. Volkswagen Group of America, et al. Audi and Volkswagen sunroof leak class action blames defective seals and drainage systems. TSB Guide How these simple documents can unlock information about your car.

How to unclog a sunroof drain

Read Our Guide.User Name Remember Me? How do you remove panoramic sunroof sunshade repair? I'm replacing my sunshade on a sportwagen. I have the headliner out but appears both glass panels have to be removed.

Anyone know how to do this? There are several threads but none specifically for the mk6. It appears that you only need to remove the rear sunroof glass. The US is exactly the same and I have been told that the - and probably "Sportwagens" have the exact same part numbers for all Pano sunroof parts. Therefore, the instructions above will probably be helpful to you.

Reinstalled Sunshade Doesn't Close. Wow thanks that was very helpful. I got the shade installed but when I went to close it the shade starts to close but then it stops and goes back.

Does this mean it needs the adaptation mode performed? I was just trying to test it before I reinstalled the rear glass panel. I included some of the obstacles I encountered. Hopefully it will help someone as it isn't clear in the manual it takes 10 times to get it right. The rear glass panel fairly easy to remove. The shade assembly is cumbersome because the shade and spring are supposed to route through a channel on the shade roll holder.

If the side of the shade pops out of the channel while installing it the spring will be crooked in the track. A dental pic and lots of light help a lot. I thought the shade assembly would be a all in one snap in piece.

It was a roles up piece of sunshade material with the spring. You simply place the shade roll in the holder. Then feed the shade material and spring all one piece through the channnel in the holder. If you ask me this is a bad design and is a failure waiting to happen. The roll just sets in the holder. A better design would have included a spring loaded roller like on a window shade.In almostVW Tiguan and Touran models, there may occur a short circuit on the LED light bar on the panoramic sunroof, caused by the ingress of moisture.

The manufacturer has, therefore, announced a recall for all vehicles of the current model generations produced up to and including July 5 of this year. In Germany, there are about 30, Tiguans and about 22, Touranswhich are equipped with the large sunroof and the so-called ambient lighting.

The number of cars affected in the UK is not known at this time. Source: kfz-betrieb. Update If you wish fully comprehensive vehicle checkwith more than 80 data points about the history of the car, then we suggest going to HPI-Checkwhich provides information on a specific vehicle using also the vehicle registration number.

Send by email. VW recallsTiguans and Tourans with panoramic sunroof and ambient lighting Mazda to Recall Tags: VW. What the owner should do? How to contact your dealer. He founded the car-recalls. Engine fire risk due to a short circuit and fuel leak β€” 37 recalls in February Seven carmakers with steering problems, 4x fire risk β€” 30 recalls in January The screw connection of the third brake light may not be sufficiently secure. As a result, the brake Due to incorrectly closed non-return valves in the vacuum lines, the oil may be sucked into the brak The screw connection between the steering shaft and the steering box may not have been tightened suf View More.

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Pano sunroof VW 'service'

Ok Read more. Deutsche version. Under the terms of Annex II. The Commission does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.There are so many great features and so much impressive technology in Volkswagen vehicles today it can be heard to keep track.

If you have been looking into new Volkswagen features, odds are you have heard of the panoramic sunroof. It is pretty clear that the panoramic sunroof is longer than a traditional sunroof, covering most of roof of the equipped vehicle. However, to truly understand the benefits of the panoramic sunroof and what it offers over a regular sunroof, we have to take a closer look.

With a panoramic sunroof, you are getting more light and a better view than you would with a traditional sunroof. The backseat passengers can also take advantage of these benefits when you have a panoramic sunroof. Both types of sunroofs have a shade to keep out the sun, but with a Volkswagen panoramic sunroof the sunshade is fully electric and rolls to cover all or part of the sunroof. Other benefits of having a larger panoramic sunroof are a feeling of more openness and an addition of a little more headroom.

In Volkswagen vehicles, the panoramic sunroof is made up of two glass panels where the front panel can tilt and slide over the fixed back panel. You can decide if you want to tilt or fully open the front half and how much of the sunshade you want open to let more light in.

vw panoramic sunroof maintenance

Both front and back passengers can really get a lot out of having a panoramic sunroof and it is advantageous especially for families who will utilize the rear seats. The panoramic sunroof comes standard on higher trims of select Volkswagen vehicles like the Golf SportWagen and Tiguan. If you would like to see for yourself what it is like to drive a car with a panoramic sunroof, stop into Donaldsons Volkswagen here in Sayville, New York and take one of our equipped vehicles for a test drive.

To find out more about how the panoramic sunroof operates, check out the video below. This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 25th, at am and is filed under Features. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response.

vw panoramic sunroof maintenance

Pinging is currently not allowed. I am driving a Touran model. I live in Singapore and its hot a year round. Is there a shield to cover the Panorama roof glass during the day? Thanking you in advance for your time. Home New Volkswagen. Sayville, NY Donaldsons Volkswagen. Get Directions.

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vw panoramic sunroof maintenance

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Nick Blair says:. August 19, at am. Wilhelm Herbert Ess says:. September 9, at pm. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Name required. Your Comment. Search for:.I especially like the contrast between the dark roof and lighter paint colours, such as a beautiful snow white-pearl or light silver metallic. Most people would tend to agree with how good they look, but having owned a panoramic sunroof equipped vehicle for the past 3 years or so, I feel there are some important issues which new car buyers need to consider before they tick that particular box on the options list.

This might seem obvious, but a panoramic sunroof creates a massive window literally through which heat from the sun can enter your vehicle. The severity of this issue depends on your location in the world, how hot the summer temperatures are, and also the clarity of the sky β€” which will determine how strong the sunlight is.

Here in Australia, we regularly see summer daytime temperatures in excess of 40c fcombined with crystal clear blue skies allowing the strength of the sun to reach simply murderous levels. On days like that, leaving any vehicle out in the sun for 15 minutes or more will see interior temperatures sky-rocket, but a panoramic sunroof equipped car will obviously be the hottest of the lot, because the heat from the sun overhead essentially has a direct path in.

Tinted glass works on the principle of absorbing UV rays directly instead of allowing them to pass through into the interior, and essentially creates a large, black, super-heated element across the top of the vehicle. The retractable cloth sunshades fitted directly below the panoramic sunroof do prevent some of this heat from transferring down into the cabin, but this also means that an incredible amount of heat will build up in the space between.

Sometimes the difference can be as much as 50mm 2 inches. Put simply, taller drivers would have to tilt their head on an angle towards the centre of the car in order to have their head positioned within the panoramic roof opening, and clear the headliner. The only other alternative for tall drivers is to recline their seat back further in an attempt to gain more headroom, but this can create ergonomic issues relating to steering wheel and pedal reach.

Car manufacturers work hard to reduce the weight of their vehicles as it pays dividends when it comes to acceleration, braking and fuel economy. Where possible, they also try to position heavy items such as the engine, gearbox and fuel tank as low as possible, in order to improve vehicle stability and handling. The reason they weigh so much is due to glass being a heck of a lot thicker and heavier than steel or aluminium roof panels, not to mention all the additional reinforcing bars, electric motors and drainage channels required.

Think about it like this. Having a panoramic sunroof fitted to your vehicle could be the equivalent of having an additional passenger in your car β€” permanently.

While this may sound like a similar issue to the weight factor I mentioned above, it is an important issue to consider in its own right. Panoramic sunroofs introduce added complexity to a vehicle. It is also worth noting that raindrops hitting a glass roof are louder, too.

While the rubber seals do keep the majority of the water out, panoramic sunroofs rely instead on water drainage channels within the roof of the vehicle to keep the moisture out.

These drainage points can sometimes clog, potentially causing the drainage channels to overflow and leak water into the cabin. Often it is simply too hot, too cold or too windy to drive with the roof down β€” and as a result the driver eventually stops using it.User Name Remember Me?

How do you grease the panoramic sunroof rails? I cannot get my fingers in the slit to add grease. What am I doing wrong? White lithium grease in spray form Works well on mine. Don't use a lot or you will have excessive dirt buildup. I guess that would work. I just figured that since the VW sunroof lube came in a tube that I had to go with a grease.

I suppose that would work wouldn't it. Fuel Economy: got 42 on highway trip; looking to improve that next trip. Conrad, do you know which of the Audi roofs is most similar or the same as the JSW?

The A3 looks like it's the same but I'm not positive. I looked at an Advance Auto Parts store and they had nothing. The spray is probably a good alternative but the paste, being thicker, might hold up better and be a bit less messy. Plus you could hopefully get both kinds of lube that are needed. Unless the Audi was an older model which could be a lot smaller, I don't know.

The dealer service manager told me the A3 is the closest match to the jaw sun roof. He also said close not exactly the same. Originally Posted by theflyingturtle. Any thoughts on using silicone spray?

I use it for everything on a boat - it lubes, protects rubber seals, doesn't attract grit. Someone on the forum said the Q5-Q7 is the closest match to our sunroofs, can't remember who but that's what I go by.

As for silicone, it would work but might not last long. I think a thicker lubricant, even if spray, would be good, especially if a brush is used as well to get into all places and remove excess so things don't get gummed up. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards. TDIFest


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