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Check out the new player index. Prev 1 2 Next Go. October 29, AM. October 30, AM. March 1, PM. Quick question. Just trying to figure out if I'm actually still making progress on all these other later stages quests while i'm stuck on the first stage of them.

You don't start accumulating credit for a stage until it's active. You'll have to throw more donators. I think what's worse about that particular one is that Bossk is the last one. Zam and IG are really going to slow down that one's progress. Only the Combat Missions. You mean the Bounty Hunter only ones don't count towards it? The rewards seem sooo lackluster for the amount of work to complete these quests March 1, PM edited March No kidding.

Reading the full list makes me seriously think about quitting the Bounty Hunter quest. The requirements are just ludicrous and the rewards are laughable. March 30, PM. Fulfilling Greedos Contract times is completely ridiculous and relatively pointless after times. It's awful and not fun. March 30, PM edited March April 1, PM edited April ChristophIV is correct about it only needing to be his payout so he doesn't have to be leader.

Also, greedo doesn't have to be the one to throw the thermals. It can be anyone. I finished that part in like 2 days with dengar in the party as well.If your browser does not update the available activities, you can refresh the list. Category : Tables. Page actions Page Discussion More Tools. Rand Stormweaver.

Fort Aspenwood. Wajjun Bazaar. Carnak the Hungry. Countess Nadya. Unwaking Waters. Yatendi Canyons. Valis the Rampant.

Footman Tate. Chahbek Village. Droajam, Mage of the Sands. Random Arena. Twin Serpent Lakes.

swgoh quests

Skale Fins. Aurora Glade. Royen Beastkeeper.

swgoh quests

Sage Lands. Sarnia the Red-Handed. Utini Wupwup. Red Iris Flowers. A Time for Heroes. Eldritch Ettin. Heroes' Ascent.Original Post Direct link. As the game has evolved, your collection is really what determines your progress in the game rather than your account level. We are still finalizing the specifics, but we are aiming for the Hyperdrive Bundle to contain up to k Galactic Power for a new player. Merged Units This bundle does not contain any shards or blueprints. This allows the bundle to generate the best-case scenario for all of the included characters and ships without requiring the player to set up all 65 characters and 17 ships along with their associated gear and abilities if applicable.

NOTE: Characters must first be activated and meet star rarity and character level requirements prior to equipping gear and ability materials.

swgoh quests

Players with less than the cumulative shards required for a 5 Star character will be topped up to character shards and the character will then be activated if needed.

Players who have or more shards for a character, but have not yet activated that character, will have character shards consumed as the character is activated and promoted to 5 Stars. Any remaining shards over will be retained. So even if you have all the units in the Hyperdrive Bundle at a higher rarity, ability level, character level, and gear tier, you will still receive all the other resources. Resources Like other bundles, resources go directly to your inventory.

For example, the bundle contains x Mk 7 Kyrotech Shock Prod Prototype Salvage and all players who purchase this bundle will receive these gear items. This is applied to all resources in the bundle.

Quest Chain There are a new set of quests that are available upon purchase of the Hyperdrive Bundle. The point of these quests is to help new players who purchase the Hyperdrive Bundle to better understand the game.

These quests reward resources needed to help advance characters such as gear and ability mats. The rewards for those quests can be accepted right away.

This is a lot of information, and I am sure there are plenty of questions here. We look forward to your feedback and good luck on the holotables! We wanted to set up new players with a base collection and resources so that each player who purchases the bundle can choose which characters they want to start investing in. Player has already collected a specific character and its attributes are as follows: Star Rarity cumulative shards : Unactivated First, the character is activated so that the subsequent upgrades can be made.

The character is upgraded to Level The character is upgraded to gear tier 8. The character is upgraded to ability tier 5. The character is upgraded from Character Level 74 to Level The character is already at gear tier 9 The gear tier 9 status is retained and the player does not get additional value for this character. The character is upgraded from ability tier 2 to ability tier 5.

All the other resources that are included in this bundle are universal and will be rewarded to everyone who purchases.Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Pro Sync. Guildmaster Sync. Syncs all guild members daily, 2 Manual guild refreshes daily. Guildmaster Pro Sync. Syncs all guild members hourly, 50 refreshes daily, guild members get ad free.

Greetings, Holotable Heroes! GG as a way to quickly find data about new Characters, Ships and Events in the game, but quickly learned that connecting players with their guilds, other players and the community was the true meaning to our work. Why Patreon We've always striven to provide the best service for the data we collect, but as the game has grown and the demands of PVP and Guilds to have the most recent data has risen, we have conceded that it is a challenge to keep up with the scaling cost of serving the community on minor site ads alone.

In order to do this, we need beefier servers, faster drives, and hush money for our friends and family that we wish to abandon to create these features. What is in it for me? Become a patron to. How it works. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time? Learn More.Hello everyone! This guide has been written in the context of my own Grand Arena bracket which is currently around 4.

Updated expected defense and counters. Rewritten most team descriptions. In the rest of the guide I will use shorthand and just so everyone knows what I mean, I will give the full team descriptions here. There are lots of variations of this team so I went with the Meta Report from swgoh. The top performing team currently actually includes Mother Talzin and Nightsister Zombie but since that wrecks our Nightsister team and Grand Arena is all about efficiency I chose to go with the second best version for this guide.

This team is all about landing dots and calling assists. Rex, Ewoks, and Bastila Shan are the main teams to take these guys out. This zeta is also just good in general to score some extra banners for full health and protection. The best use for the clankers has not really been figured out yet. Once optimized they can take out both Revans as well as many other top tier teams.

I went with the budget version here however which usually does fine for me on defense. CLS and Mother Talzin are this teams biggest counters so make sure to save these teams for that reason if you notice your opponent is a big droid fan. It took him a while but Jango has finally established a name for himself and deserved a solid place in this guide and in our hearts. The main things he brings to the table are his speed buff and his ability to circumvent tanks.

Combined with the resurrection prevention this team has, they are an excellent counter to Nightsisters. What makes them even more interesting is that they can take out Darth Revan. Make sure you come prepared though when you try this at home. Still a force to be reckoned with, and for most people still an unpassable barrier. Since this team still beats anything on offense, bar some specific Darth Revan setups, I found that most people prefer to hold it back.

The team becomes quite a bit weaker this way but if you have a strong opponent he will beat it either way and this way you leave yourself a strong extra team. The fourth and fifth members of this team are highly flexible. Sith Trooper and Count Dooku are popular choices for defense as they are silver bullets against some popular counters.

Sith trooper holds the door against Bastila teams and Count Dooku throws a wrench into any Magmatrooper shenanigans. This composition is pretty much set in stone. Other First Order members will be slight to big downgrades depending who they replace. With the departure of zFinn and the arrival of Murderbears as their main counter, I think this is a fantastic use of the Mirialan if you have her.

The last two slots again are highly flexible. Since I missed the boat on Revan the first time around, I had to rely on this mothly crew to climb in arena for months. With great mods and enough practice they can take out the strongest Revan out there but a safer bet is to use them against Traya which this team steamrolls. Whatever you do, stay away from Nightsisters. This team has been on the rise for a while but lack of utility beyond Territory Wars and now Grand Arena still makes it a bit of a rare sight outside of whale territory.

Young Lando helps spread the Prepared buff and hands out some annoying stealth but he is not mandatory by any means. Troopers, Carth and Traya all beat it.The Clone Relics are a series of seven quests introduced with the Rage of the Wookiees expansion pack. Although the individual quests are not linked to each other in any way, they all deal with artifacts and characters from the infamous Clone Wars.

The quests themselves start in different places all over the galaxy, from Kashyyyk to Dathomir to Talusand are relatively hidden in areas players might not visit otherwise. The intention is to encourage players to get out and explore the galaxy and reward them for doing so; of course, not everyone has the time to scour every cantinahoteland POI across eleven planetsso here you will find information on where these quests start and what you can expect from them.

If you prefer a non-spoiler guide to these quests, see The Explorer's Guide to the Clone Relicswhich uses a story narrative to introduce hints about each quest's starting location. That guide is recommended for players who like to explore things on their own and have the patience and desire to figure some things out for themselves. He's looking for revenge against his former commander, who abandoned Mort's squad to die on Kashyyyk.

Mort survived and is hoping you'll help him avenge his brothers. The great Boba Fett is tracking down a worthless scoundrel who owes him credits and would like a lackey to do the job for him. If you're willing to run errands for the bounty hunter, you'll run into a mysterious man named Durge who wants Fett dead.

Near the Nightsister Stronghold on Dathomir lies a datadisk with detailed orders on the corpse of a Rebel Alliance soldier respawn time of apx. Should an Imperial player come across this disk, he or she would be advised to take it to Admiral Krieg in Kachirho. In the Bestine cantina waits a great hunter, slayer of innumerable beasts across the galaxy. Qakkee will challenge you to a series of hunting tasks, ending in the challenge to kill the great Sawtooth in the Dead Forest of Kkowir.

You will receive the Grevious and Clone Trooper paintings and a cybernetic arm for completing his tasks, not to mention his never-ending respect. Ikvizi is a Geonosian researcher observing the local species around KachirhoKashyyyk. Unfortunately, he found himself mixed up in a Trandoshan plot that landed him in a Wookiee prison.

If you can clear his name and recover some of his experimental data, Ikvizi will give you nothing in return, but check your inventory, it has a surprise for you Near the city of NarmleRorilies a crashed escape pod with a starmap belonging to the pirate king Nym. Nym is interested in recovering all the pieces of the map, and in return for doing so will reward you with several high-end components for one of your starfighters.

Queen Kylantha 33 of Naboo has always been a supporter of the Wookiees in their struggle against the Trandoshan slaver clans.

Three of her close allies have gone missing, and she needs a loyal Rebel to find them. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

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