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In Prey, there are safes littered throughout Talos I and all of them require specific codes to unlock. There are two safes in Deep Storage to unlock. You will make your way down to Deep Storage during the early parts of the game and you will be essentially locked in and the freedom that the game offers you in the rest of the game is removed temporarily. Once you get there, you will see two safes that are locked. Thankfully, the two safes are unlocked by the same code.

There is a note on the back of her workstation, on which the code is written. The code top 20 handguns 2020 be different for everyone so we cannot tell you the exact code, but the note will be in the same place for everyone that plays Prey. Use the code on the note to unlock the two safes in Deep Storage and take the loot that is in them.

You can see solutions for all the other passwords and codes in Prey by using our guide. Connect with us.

prey deep storage

Continue Reading. Related Topics: codedeep storagefindgetGuideHow topreysafeunlock. Far Cry 5: How to Open Safes. To Top.In the previous chapterMorgan Yu wakes up outside the simulator and finds that Talos 1 Space Station is infected with aliens, his hologram message tells him to destroy the space ship and no alien cells much reach Earth.

In this, he enters deeper into the space station to finally locate 2 Arming keys, of which one is with Alex, and another one is destroyed. He has to get the fabrication plan to recreate the key.

After the video, January an operator who is guiding Morgan before appears and tells him to locate two Arming Keys that are needed to activate self-destruct protocol. Morgan now has to locate a fabrication plan to build the key. The fabrication plan is in the Deep Storage, he will give you a key guard that will offer you General Access key.

This will allow you to use a main lift and the entire lab in the space station. Collect the key guard and head to Psychotronics Lab. The lab is infested with too many aliens, January will also give you Neuromods. Take it and head to the lab. Using the map, you will have to go on Level 1. Using Neuromods you can boost your capabilities from the Neuromods section. As the lab is having more aliens around, you will have to equip with all required weapons before moving ahead.

Using fabricators you can make Med kit, bullets, etc. You will find one in the room where January gives you the key card. Pass the security door and next December another operator December. The operator will offer you a location of a key. After reaching the lab, you have to get access to G.

While moving ahead you will find a Psychoscope that will give you access to Mimic Detection. You can use that to locate hidden Mimic. This is located on the body of Janos Jozsef that you can reach by jumping down into a broken floor. For locating the broken floor you have to enter Male Clean Room Preparation on the right opposite of Pychotoronics door. You will need Psychoscope to enter the lab. Enter the lab door that will lead you to G. If you get any Psychoscope calibration error, wear the device and try to access the door or move around and try to locate any mimic through the device.

Then head back to the door. Use the Mimic detection. Next, go to Live Exam Morgue Room and run the test from the console in the center.

Choose Live Exam control and select open containment shield. This will create a powerful alien in front of you, the Phantom.In Prey, codes more specifically keycodes are used to open various doors and enter specific areas. These can often be found in emails, on notes, and through TranScribe messages. However, this also requires a bit of legwork in tracking down the necessary item with the keycode on it. The Security Booth is a door that a lot of people are struggling to find the keycode for.

If you end up forgetting the code, you can also find it in an email on the workstation computer right outside the office door. To access the workstation, simply pick up the yellow post-it note found on the left corner of the workstation screen that contains the password, then scroll through the emails. The code needed to access the I. Department found up the left set of stairs in the Talos I Lobby is Once you enter the I. Department keycode, be prepared to fight off two Phantoms inside.

Again, code is if you want to get inside, but know that two hefty Phantoms are waiting for you. To get inside Dr. Thorsteins office.

prey deep storage

Those I'd office keycode is We also have Dr. If you're not interested in reading the email, the Volunteer Quarters keycode is Note that you'll need Bianca's email if you're looking to snag the Neuromod Fabrication Plan and the ability to create endless Neuromods.

The code is If you're uninterested in the TranScribe, the code is This will allow you to enter the Psychotronics Armory and explore.

To track down the keycode needed to enter the Maintenance Tunnel, look for the body of Kimberly Bomo. Beside her is a note with the code to the Maintenance Tunnel.The process of getting to Deep Storage is a bit of a long journey. Hopefully our getting to Deep Storage guide will help make the process a bit easier. Make sure you stock up on supplies before leaving Your Office. January suggests you use the elevator in the Talos I Lobby to do this, so make your way there.

Once at the elevator, you will soon learn that something is blocking it in the Arboretum. With the General Access key card we got from January, the Psychotronics door will now be accessible. Make your way down the stairs towards the entrance to Psychotronics. Be warned that there will be a phantom or two on the way down, so either stealth your way down or go down ready to fight. After you clear your way down, walk to the entrance to Psychotronics and make your way inside.

You are now inside Psychotronics. To do this, head straight through into Psychotronicspast the security checkpoint, until you reach the washrooms.

Decontamination is locked until you acquire a Psychoscope. Destroy the Gloo blocking the access to the second area of the room and fight the Mimic s that emerge. Make your way into the second room and loot the Psychoscope off the body inside. The Psychoscope allows you to scan enemies and determine their weaknesses. Alongside the information you gather from scanning, you also get points towards new ability unlocks. Scan enough Mimics and you will unlock the ability to Mimic objects for example.

You will want to scan most of the enemies you come across as this will help your character become more powerful. Alex will contact you and explain what you need to do, but the process itself is pretty simple. Inside the room you will find four pods in the middle of the room. Inside the pods are specimens you will need to scan with your Psychoscope.

Prey: How to Get Deep Storage Safe Code

To access the office, look for the window covered in Gloo. Break the Gloo and jump inside. Inside you can access the safe gets you Neuromods. After you access the safe, move on to the newly unlocked room the door pictured. Inside the Live Examyou will come up to another locked door.

prey deep storage

In order to progress, you need to finish the Live Exam that was in progress. Use the computer to open the shutters. This brings a Weaver over, who will zap the body and turn it into a Phantom. You need to kill the Phantom to open the door.

Killing the Phantom is rather simple, but if you need to, simply kite back into the hallway and use the space to your advantage. Once the Phantom has been killed, head through the door that unlocks and make your way to G.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Prey Store Page. Global Achievements. Stuck in deep storage after getting my arming key schematic.

Been scouring the area for an hour to no avail. Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Have the same problem, please let me know if you find a solution. Its not in the space part of deep storage. Hey, I found the way out, you can use recycler charges to destory those leverage 3 boxes and just exits that way. Beisch: In the console room there is a thingy maker, and i am pretty sure that you have the blueprint for the recycler by now.

Or if you have Leverage I you can throw L1 things to the L3 boxes to move them. I'd think there are other ways as well considering the game mechanics.

Nefer View Profile View Posts. You can get above the wall the crates is blocking, by making a gloo stair up the wall. I had my own difficulties in the same place, and I figured that you can get all the way up to the top and into the room that has the leverage III boxes blocking the door by climbing the red pillars and white pipes from the stairwell. Hey thanks, that is working for me so far!

I really like this game, but I never have bullets or psi to do anything cool, just wrench wrench wrench. Originally posted by cureformax :. Nitalla View Profile View Posts. I found my way out without using anything special. If you look up above the leverage 3 box, you will see there is something you can grab that is leverage 2 and you can just pull it down towards you and it will push the leverage 3 thing out of the way.

I hope this helps. Ran into the same problem. I was out of gloo cans and didn't have leverage 2 or 3. So I picked up the gas canisters sitting around the room and put them right near to the leverage 3 things blocking the door way. One shot of the pistol exploded those things far enough from the door frame to squeeze though.

Hope this helps! Warc1 View Profile View Posts. Pipe climbing is the universal solution since it requires no mods or gear of any kind. However, if you have Mimic III, you can mimic an operator and float over the wall. May also work with Mimic II, but I've not tried it.

Ether View Profile View Posts. Just use recycler charges clearing those leverage iii blockades. Per page: 15 30 We'll even point out where you can find them because the safe combinations in Prey will be valuable throughout the game. It should be noted that some of the keycodes listed below are static, while many others are randomized each playthrough.

If you're looking for access to workstations, we've provided those for you in another article. The code for this door can be found after you visit the Neuromod Division later in the game. Look for the body of a person named Divya Naaz, and then look for a note near the body to get this code. The code for this safe is It can be found inside the Simulation Debriefing Room. You obtain this code automatically from January. Look for it behind the security desk in the Security Room.

To unlock this code locate the safe in Dr. Department in the lobby of Talos 1. This safe can be found inside of Dr. The code for the safe is This save can be found in the Ballistics Lab. The note contains the code for the safe. To find the code for the Workstation look for a clipboard with a note attached to it.

You can find another Machine Shop Supply Closet on the exterior of the station. The keycode for this container is It can be found outside, while exploring the exterior of Talos 1. The keycode for this door is Look for this safe in the control room of the Magnetosphere. The code for this safe is found on a note that can be located behind some toilet paper in the Magnetosphere Restroom.

Look on the top shelf and move some rolls of toilet paper out of the way to spot the note. You can obtain this keycode two different ways. You can also get this code from a note in the restroom inside Cabin B. There are three different ways you can get this keycode. You can also get the code from a note left on the table in the Recycler Room.

But, this way requires you to have unlocked the Fitness Center first.Now that Morgan Yu has finally gathered together all the various voice recordings of Danielle Sho, you'll now have to head back out of the Crew Quarters and straight for the Deep Storage area.

Prey – Getting to Deep Storage Guide

Should you need help with any other areas of Prey, feel free to head over to our guides walkthrough hub for Preyfeaturing walkthrough articles just like this one, in addition to every password and keycode in the game. Once Morgan has collected the final voice recording of Danielle Sho in the Fitness Centre, head back out into the main lobby of the Crew Quarters, but enter the Mail Room behind the main reception desk, using the code that you recently acquired.

There's a deluge of Shotgun shells in here, as well as a Weapon Upgrade Kit. After this, head all the way to the other end of the main area in the Crew Quarters, and exit back into the Arboretum. As soon as you're back in the Arboretum, you'll immediately notice something that wasn't there before: Coral, and lots of it.

Heading up the stairs, take out the two Corrupted Operators that are there, and continue to the upper floor, where you'll find a number of Mimics and a Phantom ahead of you. Take all these enemies out, and proceed straight ahead towards Deep Storage, taking care not to get spotted by the Phantom down the path to the left of you.

There's a Greater Mimic and another Phantom on the way round to the Grav Lift, so keep an eye out for these before heading down to the entrance to Deep Storage. After you've used the voice recording of Danielle Sho and finally made it into Deep Storage, Alex will called you, revealing that he's locked Morgan inside the Deep Storage area.

Head to the computer on the right, and examine the note attached to the screen to obtain the keycode for the Stairwell Access. There's a Phantom in the next area, so go to the left hand side of the room and drop down into the maintenance tunnel, following it so you come out in the area with the Phantom.

At this point, it's possible that the Phantom may be killed by a turret in the room, causing a Technopath to appear and corrupt the turret. This isn't guaranteed to happen at this point, and it is possible that it could instead happen at a later time, when the player comes back to the area from further into Deep Storage. Either way, take out whichever Typhon nasty is waiting for you in this area, and then proceed to the Stairwell entrance, on the side of the room with the view into space, where you can use the keycode you obtained earlier.

Once you're in this area, turn right to pick up some Spare Parts from the corpse near the toilet, and then head up the stairs, using the Engineering Operator patrolling the area if your suit is damaged.

Pick up the Shotgun shells on the desk at the top of the stairs, and then continue into the next room, taking the walkway through the door to the right, and stopping just outside Danielle Sho's office.

There are three Mimics and a Thermal Phantom in the office, so plan accordingly to take them all out swiftly. Pick up the Neuromods and the Asteroid Fragment on the other desks, as well as transferring the Typhon Lure Fabrication Plan into your inventory from the computer.

Behind this computer, there's a sticky note with a safe combination, which can be used on the safe in the back corner of the office. On a desk at the back of Danielle Sho's office is the Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan, and there will also be a Chipset on the window ledge to the left of the desk. Now head all the way back downstairs to the Security Booth, which we now have the keycard for, and enter, collecting the Shotgun and Pistol ammo from the rack, and the Typhon Lure and EMP Charge Fabrication Plan from the locker.

Download the area map from the computer next to the weapons rack, and then unlock the main door from the next computer, heading through the main door and into the zero-gravity area right afterwards. Now that Morgan has made it into the zero-gravity area of Deep Storage, you'll have to be extra vigilant, as there are a multitude of Cystoid Nests in addition to a Weaver lurking around.

Shoot any explosive canisters that you see nearby Cystoid Nests, and then continue down through the main tunnel, avoiding the Weaver as you go. Make sure to use the Gloo Cannon to shoot any spurts of fire that are blocking you off, but hastily make your way to the location of the hard drive, picking it up and then flying all the way back to the top of the tunnel. Plug the hard drive into the unit next to the computer, and choose the option to 'mount a drive' on the computer itself.

After this is done, return out of the zero-gravity area to the main Deep Storage area, taking care not to let any stray Cystoids follow you. Once done, you'll receive 'The Keys to the Kingdom' main mission, as well as a surprise call from Danielle Sho herself, revealing that she is in fact very much still alive.

Fabricate Morgan's Arming Key using the Fabricator in Danielle Sho's office or later, if you don't have the 1 Mineral Material needed right nowcompleting the first of two objectives for The Keys to the Kingdom mission. Turn to the left, and scale the cabinets there, eventually finding yourself on a walkway made purely of wires. Turn to the right and continue along this path, aiming your Gloo Cannon at the wall you come to and forming a makeshift set of stairs, so you can climb up the where the two white pipes are running into the next area.


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