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Percy surprises annabeth at high school fanfiction

I'm Fashionista23 and this is my 1st fanfic. The CHB kiss never happened. My alarm clock rang. I bolted up in surprise.

Gosh, every day must begin with a heart attack. I looked at my clock. I slipped my feet onto the cold floor and I went into the bathroom. The second the hot water made contact with my skin, a rush of energy came to me and I was wide-awake. I wrapped my towel tightly around me, and I opened my closet door to look at a variety of clothing.

It's not like a cared too much about the way I looked; I just wanted to look presentable. I couldn't decide on what to wear so I immediately grabbed my phone and texted my best friend, Brooke Haifa. I laughed at my best friend's silly reply and changed into jean shorts and a loose t-shirt. I brushed my wet hair into a ponytail and slipped on black Converse. I ran down the stairs and grabbed a bagel off the counter. My dad was already downstairs reading the paper and eating a slice of toast.

I poured myself a glass of juice, "Brooke and I are touring the new juniors around campus before class. My dad nodded. I gulped down my juice and ran upstairs to brush my teeth before I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door. Brooke waved at me. Her long perfectly straight dirty blonde hair was in a perfect fishtail and she wore jean shorts and a plaid button down.

She was pretty. Most people would expect her to be a cheerleader. Brooke, the star of the soccer team, was everything but a cheerleader. She was actually nice.

percy surprises annabeth at high school fanfiction

I raced to catch up with her and she waited. We walked the rest of the way together talking about our summers. I was at camp. Brooke knew that. She could see through the Mist.

That's how we met.AN: Hi! This is my first Fanfic, so please be kind! Sorry if it is not spaced right, but I usually write in play form, so this is new to me. Unfortunately, it was a Monday. Mondays are the worst! Especially because I hate my Monday schedule.

Annabeth's Stoney Situation

First period I have math. I hate math! Why can't we just rely on computers for stuff like equations and mathematical sequences and patterns? Who uses patterns anyway?! When I opened my locker, I looked at a picture of me and Annabeth. Gods, I miss her. Why does she have to live all the way in California? My friends just chuckled and Mia said, "Were you daydreaming about your 'girlfriend'?

That's because they don't believe I have one. I've shown you a picture of us, like, 30, times. They never believe me! If you remember, I couldn't even find the 'On' button on the computers in the computer lab. It's not my fault that I don't spend my summers typing away on a laptop. I'm too busy saving the world constantly.

I remember that! It was hilarious! You were searching for the button for seven minutes! Just then, a classmate of ours, Ryan, ran up to us. He had a weird, crazy look on his face. That's the look he gets either when he's about to barf, or when there's a new kid. Did you meet the new girl? She is hot! And I mean HOT!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. When in gym class I have an organic life form with me 4. Clothes, see? Percy Jackson has an actual girlfriend 6. Who doesn't want to see their boyfriend shirtles Miss Bossy will have our heads on a platter 8. What are you hiding from me? Chapter 9 You're not supposed to tell mortals!

percy surprises annabeth at high school fanfiction

Oh gods, please not the sex talk It's Christmas! But I'm "not your type" The-trapped-on-an-island-thing-and-all Valentine's Day--Percabeth Style Thalia's Truth Jason is Ridiculously Perfect I tried to incorporate as few cliches as possible, and am hoping to view the setting from a different angle than most.

We've all seen a hundred different stories with this premise: Annabeth shows up at Percy's school, they try to balance their mortal and godly lives, yada yada yada.

Hope you like it :. Annabeth sighed as she stepped onto the pavement. She was excited to see Percy, of course, but she couldn't help but wonder. What if he was entirely different here? When they were together at camp, everything was perfect, or at least as perfect as it could be when they were constantly risking their lives both on quests and on the lava rock wall.

But camp was literally a different world. A world where they belonged together under all circumstances, where they had bridged the Poseidon-Athena gap and were completely in love. High school? This could change things. Jocks, overbearing girls, classes, no Chiron to rein them in when they were screaming their heads off Stepping across the threshold of the intimidating building, Annabeth thanked the gods that she was so OCD and had arrived much earlier than the entire high school population; she would need the time to mentally prepare herself for this.

Go get my schedule, walk through it to all my classes, peruse the library She found herself in the office, an expansive room that was brightly lit, and contained far too many energetic administrators for the early hour. How can I help you? Just a moment.Hello readers! Thank you for clicking my story! I know I should be updating my Gallagher Girls fic, but in honor of Blood of Olympus coming out today, I decided to write another Percabeth one shot! Well I've bored you all enough with this AN Hopefully my followers aren't too upset with my lack of updating Saturday I don't own Percy Jackson, and here we go!

It was a calm, October afternoon, and Goode High School had just let out for the day. A very anxious blond girl was making her way through the halls. Annabeth Chase had just returned from a nearly month long quest with Leo and Piper, and was walking around Goode, hoping to surprise a particular son of Poseidon.

Annabeth wandered around the halls until she found the locker belonging to Percy Jackson. Unfortunately, Percy wasn't at his locker. Sighing in disappointment, Annabeth turned to one of the many girls that had been trying and failing to secretly watch her.

Thinking Annabeth must be a new girl trying to talk to the most wanted boy in the school, the girl narrowed her eyes and glanced at her blond friend. The girl had no idea where Percy was.

She only wanted to know exactly what Annabeth thought she was doing. Knowing exactly what the girl was up to, Annabeth smiled and said, "Annabeth Chase, I'm a friend. The girl rolled her eyes. Everyone knows Percy Jackson doesn't talk to any girl unless absolutely necessary. Ever," her friend continued. Annabeth had to stop herself from giggling.

The brown haired girl snorted yet again.Hey guys! This is my first ever fanfiction! I love the Percy Jackson series and figured why not write a fanfiction story? So I hope you like it! Constructive criticism would be nice, as well. And also, for the purpose of this story, Annabeth and Percy are juniors in high school.

The Seven in High School

But, she missed her friends at Camp-Half Blood most of whom now attended Goode High school, like Percyand she especially missed Percy. To top it all off, she was finding it extremely difficult and troublesome to keep an eye on the work being done on Olympus.

After months of persuasion and arguing, Annabeth finally got her dad and step-mother to agree to her living with Sally's family in New York. And the best part was that Percy had no idea that Annabeth would be coming to Goode High School, much less did he know that she would be living in his apartment with his family. Annabeth and Sally had been planning this so carefully to make sure that it remained a surprise for Percy.

I jolted awake to the irritating noise of my alarm clock. I twisted to read the time, and saw that it was already I climbed out of bed and walked to my window, watching the breath-taking view. I could see skyscrapers that were located miles away, I could see the beautiful clear, New City sky, and I could see the traffic racing beneath the hotel I was staying in.

percy surprises annabeth at high school fanfiction

I took a quick, relaxing shower, and put on a long-sleeved gray shirt that hugged my body, a pair of dark jeans, and red gladiator sandals. I frowned as I looked at my golden-blond curly hair, and debated whether or not I wanted to go through the torture of styling it.

After a long internal conflict, I decided styling wasn't worth the trouble and threw my hair up into a pony tail. I glanced at the time, and it read School starts atand I need to get my schedule, locker, map, and who knows what else.

I rushed out of the hotel room, not bothering to stop for a piece of toast, and ran to school. It was only a few blocks away, so it took be about 10 minutes to reach it. When I got to school, I immediately heard whispers about me, "the new girl", but I shrugged it off. Nothing was going to ruin my first day at Goode. I walked into the front office and to the middle-aged lady working at the desk. She turned towards me, and smiled.She vaguely felt Jason squeeze her hand, his warm breath still tingling in the air.

She shook off the feeling and let go, staring at the electric blue eyes of the King of the Gods. Just like Jason Concentrate, Piper.

She told herself. This is not the time to get lost thinking about eyes or such nonsense. Percy's head was facing the other way, but Piper could picture the expression on his face. With-" He gazed nervously at Athena. Athena stood up with a kind of deadly calm. Never to cheat on her or leave her?

I will allow your relationship. Annabeth's face turned to look at Percy, a small twinkle in her eyes. Piper thought that was an excellent request, as that would promise no meddling from her mother.

Piper smiled faintly. She wished Jason and her could be as relaxed as Percy and Annabeth, who were very clearly in love. Jason looked at her and she knew the answer to that question. Annabeth raised an eyebrow and Piper blushed to the extent of a ripe tomato. Aphrodite gave her signature giggle. Piper wondered how she could be related like someone like that, especially as her mother. Jason gave her a searching look and she looked back at his electric blue ones What's with copying my and Annabeth's wishes?

Jason returned a Well, they were good. Piper suppressed a giggle as Annabeth looked back at him. Your wishes will be approved. Leo looked around and backed away from Zeus's booming voice.

That was true. Piper thought as she looked around. Even Percy and Annabeth were wearing a tuxedo with a crooked tie and a gray chiton gown. Oh Leo, he was hopeless. Hazel stepped out of the small crowd. That is all. He nodded and motioned her to back away.

Piper clutched Jason's hand tightly.Story Author Community Forum. He pushed himself up into a sitting position, letting his tail splash into the water and get on the girl's shorts.

Percy asks Annabeth for Help with Homework (A Percy Jackson Texting Story)

He gave a cheerful wave to the children behind her. Day seventeen of Fluff Month. Beyond the Mist by Vivienne Page and Tris Prior A story written in poems, it shows the characters-in a new way you would never imagine. New Hero on the Block by foxygodess11 Percabeth go to high school but meet someone unexpected Well that was until he met Annabeth.

Time of awakening by Scrunchdaddy A start at a new life Mortals and demigods meet Percabeth by Zoehuntressofartemis Title says it all. They opportunity comes when the position of Groundskeeper at Hogwarts opens up, but this nosy trio is making his job complicated. Percy centric but occasionally features Harry's POV.

Of Quarantine and Blue Chocolate Chip Cookies by lifeinlightyellow In which Annabeth Chase despises her neighbor, Percy Jackson, but he happens to have the commodity she most needs right now: toilet paper. Percy, a small pickpocket off the streets of District 5, only wants a life of peace while Annabeth Chase, a rising genius, had always wanted more.

But everything gets thrown out the window when Annabeth is chosen to compete in the 67th Hunger Games. House of Cards by Mr. Invincible "I loved her so much. I still love her so much, but… I'm not in love with her anymore.

He knew he was being selfish. He knew he should let one of them go. But who knew a single, joyful statement from Annabeth could put him at the brink of losing everyone he holds dear? Extreme amounts of fluff and angst. First time publishing any sort of my writing.

Instead, he calls his boyfriend Nico, who shows up on his motorcycle. Mortal AU, but could be read as either. Well, now that the war with Gaea is over, Jason can't stop thinking about it. How will he ever get himself to stop daydreaming about bricks? Well, this summary sucks, and I promise the actual fic is better than this, although it's also kind of weird. Camp Hogwarts by Miss Hourigan Pansy had gotten accepted at the best camp the magical world had to offer, and it was time to make her way there, and experience the magic for herself.

Now that she's twelve, Pansy has to deal with the expectations from her house, and act accordingly to the way things have happened.


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