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Original xbox hard drive replacement

Ever since game consoles first started seeing internal hard drives, I've been fascinated with hardware previously reserved for PCs rearing their head inside living room systems. But it was the original Xbox which finally shipped with an HDD built in, making this concept a mainstay from then onward. Yet the one area that Microsoft continues to boggle my mind is with its choice of drive type for internal storage.

Xbox One game install and patch storage needs were already growing, and now with the Xbox One X, 4K game asset patches are getting crazy large. Quantum Break is one egregious offender, with 4K assets coming in the form of an additional 94GB it has been reported -- putting its total install size at almost GB. I like to have a diverse span of games installed on my console at any given time. I usually have "go to" current titles I'm playing currently focused solely on PUBG with another that I flip between when I get bored of my usual fare.

Add in the problem that Xbox Live Games with Gold offers 4 new free games each month, of which I usually allow these to download just to toy with them on the side. You can see the raw GB counter spinning already, and I know I'm definitely not alone in my storage woes. For many gamers, just buying an external hard drive to plug in over USB is a one-and-done kind of affair.

First, they are unsightly items that clutter my home theater, not to mention the extra cabling that needs to dangle from the Xbox One X -- and pray that my cats don't knock the drive around as well. The PS2 was the first true console to toy with using an internal hard drive.

Very few games took advantage of it, but being one of the first to use an HDD for a game console was enough to sell me on the expensive add-on. A decade and a half later, all game consoles are now sporting internal drives as standard fare. Second, while more of a petty geek matter, it's traditionally been known that USB always carries some kind of processing overhead that eats into the CPU compared to a native SATA drive.

original xbox hard drive replacement

And third, the idea of digging into the Xbox One X to do something that Microsoft doesn't outright provide instructions for is intriguing in its own right. I'll be the first to admit that Microsoft should have followed Sony in allowing for easier internal HDD upgrade paths, as this is the one area that PS4 got right.

But just because it's slightly more complicated doesn't mean it can'tor shouldn'tbe done. I am focusing my article around the Xbox One X since that is what I upgraded, but these instructions cover the entire XB1 line. While the chances of Microsoft banning a console are very slim using these instructions to replace a drive, the risk nonetheless exists. In addition, you knowingly void your console warranty by opening your Xbox One. These instructions are valid and accurate as of January and are not being guaranteed forever.

Also, I give credit to the folks whose articles and help I link to below that made this possible -- this was NOT compiled solely through my own efforts! One of the first things you need to do is choose what kind of drive you will get for your Xbox One X. All editions of the console come with a spinning mechanical drive connected over a SATA port, in the form of a 2. I know why Microsoft had to do this: cost. But with the advent of now knowing that any Xbox One can be upgraded to a larger drive of ANY style you wish, this opens a few interesting doors.

Before you get any crazy ideas, I want to clear the water with this key piece of information. While it is confirmed as being technically possible to use any size drive over GB as a replacement, from what I can glean online, it's far safer to stick to the "approved" sizes Microsoft has shipped in Xbox One consoles to date.

The tool which I will link to below has the capability to size other drives with the right partitions, but you'll either 1 have unused wasted space on the drive or 2 risk bricking the drive in a future console update that could in some way inspect drive sizing more specifically. Best to avoid these scenarios and go with the safe path. I initially wanted to go with an SSD. I've used one in every PC personally and at my business for the last however many years, and they are awesome.

But the goal for this upgrade project places storage as a priority, with performance being a secondary concern. I settled on a drive which offers the best of both worlds in my eyes. On the performance side, it has 8GB of flash memory caked onto the PCB which uses algorithms to "intelligently store" the most used data for the console to speed up load times in key areas. Check, check, check!Discussion in ' Xbox - Hardware mods ' started by CorieanJul 9, Log in or Sign up.

AfterDawn Discussion Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. I have a 2 year old Xbox, in which the HDD just broke. I have downloaded Xboxhdm, and have searched through all material I could find, yet am still unsure what to do.

Hard Drive Replacement for Original Xbox 360

I keep coming upon posts saying that I need the Eeprom. I would appreciate any assistance that anyone can give me. CorieanJul 9, If you did not manage to get your backup info off of that broken HD your lock code especially your kind of screwed. Things you can do now Simply changing the HD's will not work, as you will get and error when starting up your Xbox. Every MoBo and HD are married to eachother by a lock code. You could also put a modchip in your system. You can then install a new HD and skip getting the motherboard.

Last edited by a moderator: Jul 9, PimpDawgJul 9, Im going to finally receive the XBIT modchip via the worlds slowest mail service enabeling me to replace a hdd without the mobo combo thing.

I need to know if this will work for the xbox, and how i would get the software for it to work on the xbox properly.

Ditch the external: How I upgraded my Xbox One X HDD to a 2TB SSHD

Yup, that HD will be perfect. I was wondering why it was so cheap, and then I noticed that it is a used HD. Then DL the torrent file you get of slayers. You will have many options on the screen, one of which to format the new drive.

That's it! PimpDawgJul 23, Still need to save up mone for the hdd. No problem.

original xbox hard drive replacement

Yup, just take out your Xbox's original HD and pop in the new one. Then pop in your Slayers disc, and choose the option to format the new HD. It's that easy PimpDawgJul 27, I have a soft modded xbox and i was wondering if i could use that slayers disk to install my harddrive. I get that stupid frozen hard drive error. Or if there is any other way to lock my hard drive. Dang dude, Ive got the xbins thing up, but I cant find Slayers Where is it?Time Required. Follow this guide to remove the hard drive from your Xbox One, and follow it in reverse to install a new drive.

Your Xbox One console is not capable of formatting a replacement hard drive for use as the main drive. Before you install your replacement drive, you will need to reformat the drive in a computer and install the necessary software, following this technique:. Buy these tools. Buy these parts. To open your Xbox, you're going to have to cut or peel up this tamper-evident tape.

But don't worry— Microsoft can't legally void your warrantyas long as you don't damage anything. Have fun! Use a plastic opening tool to pry up and remove the plastic vent that surrounds the side USB port. The vent is fairly flexible, and held in place with weak plastic clips—start prying from the back and peel it out.

Insert the flat end of a spudger between the upper and lower case where they meet at the rear of the side vent opening.

There is a strong plastic clip connecting the two case halves the first of manyso you'll need to use quite a bit of force. Leave the spudger in place until you open the case completely. The clips are very springy and may cause the case to snap shut while you're working. The interface between the upper and lower cases is secured by several clips along the rear and remaining side of the Xbox.

Insert a plastic opening tool between the upper and lower case to separate the clip over the rear vent. Make sure the spudger stays in its blocking position—even if the case opens up enough for the spudger to fall out, the remaining clips are springy and may pull the case completely shut. Keep the spudger in the gap to protect your progress.

Keep popping clips. It may help to slide the plastic opening tool across the clips. By the time you get to the far edge of the rear case, the top case should be ready to come off. If not, run your plastic opening tool around the corner and pop the clips along the side without the USB port.

Starting with the spudger you left in the crack, pry the upper case up to free the last few clips. Do not try to remove the upper case yet, as it is still connected by the front panel button cable. Lift the upper case slightly and shift it to give access to the front panel board.Due to high volumes, response times in the community may be delayed over the next few days. Please refer to our self-help content for additional assistance. Thank you! Microsoft Support. I have an older Xbox Pro with a 20GB hard drive and the space is limiting.

What's the best option for more space for game saves, maps, and other add-ons?

Hardware Revisions

Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thanks for your feedback. You have many options. Now the stand alone hard drives are harder to find since they haven't been stocked in stores for a while now.

Your best bet is to grab a USB drive. Unfortunatley, the gb Mr N mentions will not work for the older models. I recently went to GS to buy one for my console and it only comes as an internal drive for the new consoles that came out last year.

original xbox hard drive replacement

It seems some of these are sold with just a 4GB drive and the wireless already built-in. But then you can purchase the G drive and install it in the console.

But the GB can only be used with that specific model. I was told that the largest one for the older models were G.

Original XBOX Hard Drive Upgrade

Not all that uncommon for GameStop They may or may not be out of production. I checked out prices. Since I have 3 Gamestops nearby it was easy to get the G.There has been no conclusive evidence pointing to their existence, and all 1. Production was halted and 1. There are four retail drives known to be used by Microsoft in the retail version of the console. The first manufacture is sadly also the worst of all Dvdrom drives manufactured for the original xbox. The Samsung drive is a very popular DVDrom drive for its compatibility for most media types and better quality laser.

There are 2 mayor revisions found for this manufacturer. Commodore4Eva released a hacked firmware for this drive which enables modified backups to work. There is also a "" firmware for this drive which allows to dump the entire SS. The firmwares are not linked here for legal reasons.

The laser ribbon cable connector is different for its various revisions, a detail one must take into account when swapping controller boards. This DVD-rom drive, most commonly found in Xbox 1. On 30 January TheSpecialist posted at xboxhacker. There is also an IDC Script and information about the firmware which was recovered from xboxhacker.

Jump to: navigationsearch. There were several different retail Xbox hardware revisions, which include the following: Xbox 1. You can find more information about the hardware used in each revision below. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

This page was last modified on 17 Septemberat Privacy policy About xboxdevwiki Disclaimers.This instructable details the installation of a larger hard drive into a soft-modded original XBox. Invert the Xbox on a flat surface and remove the five torx screws from the bottom using the screwdriver.

The locations are shown in the photo below. Set the screws aside in a safe place. Gently remove the top section of the Xbox case from the bottom. Next we must prepare the new hard drive for cloning. For my unit this meant placing the jumper on the set of pins second from the right see photo. This is necessary as the DVD drive must hooked up in order for the system to boot.

Remove the molex power cable from the Xbox hard drive and attach the Y-splitter. Plug one of the other ends back into the Xbox hard drive and the other into the new hard drive. Finally set the new hard drive into a position where the loosened IDE cable can be plugged in on top of the DVD drive. Power on the XBox and allow it to boot into the dash.

If the Xbox does not boot, make sure that you have not fully unplugged the DVD drive it should be loose, but not unplugged Go to applications and start up the Chimp hard drive cloning application. Note that some controllers do not play nicely with the Chimp program. If you are having problems, try a different preferably original Microsoft controller. Select option 1 in the program, scan IDE devices. The two hard drives should be detected. Continue two step 2 - clone from master to slave.

This step may take quite a while in the case of a large new hard drive. After the cloning is complete, select option 3, lock slave drive. When the lock succeeds, exit to shell and power off the system. Next the hard drive bay taken out to allow the removal of the original hard drive. This may require some adjusting as the connector may be pushed into place quite firmly.

Remove the long screws holding the bay into place and lift it out of place.I have always loved hacking, not the hacking that gets you into people's systems undetected to play spy games, but the kind that has you modifying things like game consoles to accept copies of game discs you backed up or in the case of the original Xbox, taking the internal 10GB HDD and replacing that with a GB drive and then taking things further by installing every game you own on that drive, so you never need the discs again.

As time has passed, companies like Microsoft have held a very firm stance on modifying their hardware and made it quite difficult to do, so who would think that upgrading the internal storage of their Xbox One could be so damn easy? Rest assured your warranty is gone once you open your console. Let's get right down to it. For this to work, you will need three things. A drive you intend to use as the new Xbox internal storage, we chose the Seagate Nytro Clientwhich just so happens to be what you will find inside the Game Drive SSD they launched earlier this month.

You will also need a flash drive with Parted Magic installed and bootable and of course, an Xbox One. To peel open your console, you will want to start on the end with the USB port. Just pop the black vented cover up, and it will come right off.

Flipping the console over to the back, grab a sturdy spudger or flat blade screwdriver and pushing on the seams will pull the halves apart. Don't get too rambunctious with the halves here; we need to spin the console around to the front.

The front bezel is connected by this thin flat cable. Be careful not to rip it just pull the loop over the connector and pull it out. After removing the screws from the case, slowly open and unplug the Wi-Fi card cable at the top left. OK, we have the drive here ready to come out. Unplug the SATA and power connections for the drive. At this point, we have the Xbox hard drive removed from the machine, we have the drive we intend to use, and we have Parted Magic on a USB stick.

From here, you will need a desktop PC, unplug any OS drives you have connected to this machine and plug in only the two drives we are working with in this guide. It's worth noting that the drive you intend to use as your Xbox one drive needs to be greater than or equal to the source drive GB or 1TB - whatever your console is. A second note, if the drive you are using as a replacement for your Xbox is larger than your source drive, you will want to boot into the full version of Parted Magic.

On with the show, for those that went straight into Clonezilla, we first have the menu above. For those that needed to boot into Parted Magic, make sure your destination drive is clean and open Clonezilla.

We are then going to work device to device, the second option. We skip repairing or checking source filesystem. At this point, Clonezilla will replicate the source drives filesystem onto the destination SSD. This next part of the process will take the longest depending on what you have on your stock Xbox One drive.

When I do this process, I always backup all games to an external solution then delete them off the internal drive to minimize the amount of data needing to be copied. You can plan on 30 minutes for this process on a bone stock empty hard drive. After the process completes, you will have some cleanup command scroll through in the command prompt area. You will then see the screen above, feel free to shut down your system, place your stock Xbox One HDD in the drawer for safe keeping, and go back to the Xbox to install our new drive.

Installation is simple, put the new drive in the caddy, secure it with the screws, and place it back in the Xbox. You can also take this opportunity to blow out all the dust that has collected over the months and years. We then, to make things easier, separate the front bezel from the top plate.

Place the front bezel on the chassis of the Xbox and slide the thin, delicate cable back into place and pull the loop back over the connector. You then angle the front bezel slightly away from the console and snap the top cover back into place. The rest is the reverse of opening mentioned in the beginning.

For those of you that did install a larger drive, once you finish the Clonezilla process, you will need to open the partition manager and drag each of the smaller partitions you see on your new drive to the right until you get the unused space of the drive next to the data partition of the drive.

original xbox hard drive replacement

You can then expand the size of the data partition to consume the full capacity of the new drive. United States: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon. United Kingdom: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon.


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