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Naruto runs away from family fanfiction crossover

Lone figure was on the road through kingdom of Fiore. He was traveling for long time, for his road begun in place know as Konoha, place which he called 'home' for such short time and later it changed to prison for him. Place where he was caged like animal waiting for death, it was just cage for him, place where is life was terrible and still he felt little like a coward. It was on his mind from the time he escaped, Should he stayed and tried to prove his worth?

Or did he done good that he run away. Maybe he will find answers when he finally come to the end of his road. He was little short but what can you expect from children 11 years old. He attire was composed from brown cloak which probably seen better days, under cloak he wear light blue shirt and dark brown pants. And finally his face was hidden behind behind golden scarf which had red fox emblem on his end. As he was walking toward his goal his long red hair were dancing as the wind was playing his soft melody for him.

But most attention take his eyes, eyes which were full of sadness and pain, too much for boy so young but one could still saw that fire inside of them. Such determination for someone who looked like he was about to pass out was indeed incredible. Could his destination be really place where he can find salvation for his hurt soul? Could it be place where he could find something which he desire most on this world?

Could he dare to said that this would be place which he could call home? His all hopes and goals were based on old story about incredible persons, maybe it was just story for little kids but he wanted to believe it so much. He wanted to let this place exist, because maybe, just maybe he could finally stop to be alone. As he reached first hints of settlement he noticed sings where he could read 'Mangolia town'.

As he was finally whole city he took scarf from his face and one could saw his face. His skin was so pale that someone could wonder if he ever saw sun, on his face were birthmarks which looked like whiskers also his fangs were longer that normal person. After all this child is not ordinary.

Overall you could say that his face was handsome even if it looked little feminine. It still was like yesterday when he finally found courage to run away, to run for better life or to run for something which you could even call life.

His parents just flatly ignored him like he was not worthy enough for them to take time for him, it was not like it just begun one day, it was there from the day he was born, Damn to hell his photographic memory, he must always bear in his head all his past, he cannot just let it go because he will always remember it. His sister always make sure that he did not have any friends, not that he care but that look in her eyes was something he would rather forget. After all how many can said that your own twin want you so badly that he was nearly raped.

He did not have problem that they were siblings but he definitely had problem that she just saw him as piece of meat.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I highly recommend them read in order to make sense. Astoria Greengrass starts to untangle her feelings for Draco Malfoy, but his feelings for her aren't so clear.

As far as their budding relationship goes, it isn't ideal that Astoria sees more of Pansy's rage than Draco's affection on any given day. Astoria tries to put her energy elsewhere -- writing music and studying the furtive art of Legilimency which she isn't sure is totally legal. But no amount of Legilimency could have warned her to the secrets Draco was keeping just out of reach. Daphne Greengrass was going to spend senior fall working on her thesis and grad school applications.

Not stuck in Modernism because the university suddenly decided that her high school credits no longer counted for pre-requisites. And certainly not doing group projects with some gigantic ginger sports oaf. He helps himself to what she's offering. Dumbledore thought he had everyone fooled when he took the Potter's youngest son to keep their focus on the "Boy-Who-Lived", but when you trust a half giant who can't even hold his liqueur to do a simple task, things are bound to mess up That faithful night, Harry was left on the doorstep of a broken woman named Celia Ann Foote, a American witch who along with the help of a cheerful House Elf, a artistic uncle and a warm grandmother raised him to be the man he was born to be After that night she adopted him as her own.

Harry James Potter was dead to the world. When Abathur, Evolution Master of the Swarm, is cornered by Terran forces, he believes he is about to die. Across the galaxy, a last ditch summoning ritual tries to find something that could fight Voldemort. Neither of these events go as expected.

Now Abathur, trapped in the body of a Terran, must rebuild the swarm on his own, and attempt to avoid getting killed in the process. Crosspost from Fanfiction. Draco is still rising from the ashes. He is still treated like an outsider, a no-good death eater. Luna Lovegood is a war hero, a famous magizoologist and is thriving in the new Wizarding World.

But their paths cross and Draco might be desperate to get the hatred for him to end. Will Luna want to help him? When they end up on a mountain, there are certain things that come to light and Harry, who has never left well enough alone, continues to not disappoint.

It's just too bad that Draco can't see the benefit of having a Potter on your side. Angels and Demons were made up of the same stock, and sometimes not all of it gets used up. God was not a being known to to be wasteful. And after all, when one has leftover stock in the pot, it shouldn't just be thrown away if it can reused, now should it? Turns out, the only person Sirius lets in on his secrets is one Remus Lupin on late chilly nights where Sirius has had a little too much alcohol to hold in the things that have been tugging at his heart.

Tom Riddle is Head boy and in the middle of his 7th year.Your new home. She is wear a blouse with a pink sweater and a blue knee long skirt as she is walking into her apartment with a 5-year-old boy who had bags of new clothes and a large red scroll strapped on his back carrying it, she has just adopted the boy with her and she wanted to surprise her son who was feeling down ever since he found out that he is quirkless. He stops at the door as he realised something important.

Inko smiles at her new son's shy fullness at he was ready to go and find his brother but he doesn't even know how he looks like. Inko was depressed as she was busy walking to the shop to prepare dinner for her and Izuku.

naruto runs away from family fanfiction crossover

The reason why she's depressed is because her husband Hisashi left her and her son after he found out that Izuku was quirkless, she remembers the way he reacted. I knew I shouldn't have married a worthless bitch like you, you gave me a son that has no quirk what's so ever. You may have won the divorce but I'll have the last laugh when you and that useless brat die as nobodies! Inko just stood there taking the abuse for her ex-husband as he left her and her son to fend for themselves.

The divorce was long and stressful on both of them as Inko did find Hisashi cheating on her with a mistress and after a long battle in court.

naruto runs away from family fanfiction crossover

She won and won big, Hisashi was pissed that he had to pay a lot of money and stuff before leaving, Inko kept the name Midoriya for the sake of Izuku.

Inko continued her journey to the supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner when she heard a faint voice. She turned to see who made that sound and was shocked to see a small boy who looked like 5-years-old wearing old clothes, and was clover head to toe with bandages and blood and he had some type of large scroll which was hanging his back.

He looked like he ran for days because he looked like he would pass out and he did. Inko snapped out of it when she saw the boy passed out and used her quirk to stop him from landing on his face. She rushed to him check if he was still alive by checking if he's still breathing.

He was but it was weak. Inko called the ambulance to take the boy to the hospital. She calls her best friend Mitsuki who was taking care of little Izuku for the day at her house if she can keep Izuku for the night as something came up, Mitsuki agreed so it was no problem and with that Inko went to the hospital with the boy. The doctors were shocked to see a young boy with bandages on his whole body but when they were cutting the bandages off him so he can clean any wound on him, they were shocked to see that only one wound was there and it was closing fast with steam coming off him while his body was clean off wound of scars.

The doctors processed with cleaning the blood off the boy and check his vitals. Inko who was waiting of news on the boy's condition for a few hours and when the doctor approached her, she practical rushed the doctor for news. We checked medical records and nothing, we only have a name, he gave us his name and surname before he passed out and we cross-referenced it through the system and we…found…something.

Inko heard about that disaster, said that thousands had died and homes were destroyed, they said that a mythical beast appeared out of nowhere and started to attack, it took one hero to stop it and he disappeared from the face of the earth. Inko tries to process the new information gave to her but had to ask one more question. My best guess would put him up of adoption and hope for the best. The doctor turned around to see that Inko had a determined and serious expression on her face. And the doctor smiled at this.

His name is…. She watched Izuku get bullied on a daily basis from his best friend turned tormentor Katsuki Bakugo and those who followed him, she hoped her new son would protect Izuku and help him train to become a hero.

And me at 3-years-old. Said the voices together. He can't even defend himself. An eerie aura was coming off him which scared the crap out for Kacchan but he gathers most of his courage and rage to 'talk' to the boy who knocked out his lackeys. You're lucky that I can't hurt you now but if I hear that you bullied my brother or anyone else one more time. I'll come back and pummel you into the ground and then I'll destroy you so much that they'll never be able to identify your body!

Deku looked at the boy who saved him from a beating of his life and he takes in on how the boy looks like.Hey guys, I know i've been whining about being overworked in my stories but this is something that I've seen attempted in quite a few stories, but sadly, just when I felt the story could go somewhere, the author leaves the story out to dry.

25 Naruto Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

Mainly because I've felt that these stories truly bring out the feeling in the reader, so I hope I can pull this off and if you guys see any problems please let me know so I can fix them. It had been merely six short years since the Kyuubi No Kitsune had been sealed into Naruto's two sisters, mai, and mae who happened to be identical twins who just so happen to share thoughts to the extent where they can easily finish a sentence for the other, the yin half had been sealed into Mai, while the yang half half had been sealed into Mae, Naruto had the consciousness of the Kyuubi sealed into him, making everyone see him as the demon among the citizens.

Naruto been completely ignored since he was three years old, his mother only cared enough to acknowledge his existence during the times his sisters get into trouble causing them to push the blame onto him making an excuse about trying to stop him, leaving him to take the punishment while the twins got rewarded. An underfed Naruto walked through the village holding his grumbling stomach, "Gah, why me? Why am I being punished? What did I do to deserve this Kami?

Naruto continued to stumble through the village before he ran into a taller woman holding two bowls of ramen, "Excuse me, I'm sorry I didn't see you. The woman looked down to Naruto and noticed he was trembling looking up at her with eyes full of fear, when she placed the bowls down she lent down and moved her hand to rub his hair causing him to flinch, "What's wrong?

Naruto looked up at her with slightly teary eyes, "It's nothing, I'm fine. What's your name? Would you like a bowl of ramen? The woman showed surprise but shook her head to rid herself of it, "Come on, I'll get you a bowl. Naruto's eyes widen in surprise at her kindness, "Say Naruto, where are your parents? I'm sure they're worried sick about you.

Naruto looked a little angry, his hunger forgotten, "They don't care, they never listen to me, the only time they even look to me is when my sisters blame something on me! Naruto ate the ramen given to him faster than she had ever seen anyone eat ramen, even the yondaime's wife couldn't eat this fast, "Naruto, you should slow down, you're going to make yourself sick.

Runnincoln Away

Naruto looked down sadly, "I'm sorry, it's just that, this is the first time I've had food that wasn't thrown out by my "Family". The way Naruto said it with so much venom almost made Ayame flinch, "Naruto, it's hard to believe that any parent would abuse their child.

Naruto got up and walked away slightly upset with tears streaming down his cheek, before Ayame could go after him he vanished into the crowd. Naruto went home not so surprised to find the door locked, it's times like this he was happy he always left his window open, after crawling in through the window Naruto went to try to ask his parents to train him, again.

Naruto had first started asking his mother for training when he was four, because his sisters had started the day before, "Sorry honey, your sisters need the training a little more than you do, We'll start your training next year I promise. Naruto didn't really care what they called him, he had been called far worse from the villagers, monster, demon child, bastard child, you name it,and the beatings were much worse than getting knocked over.

I also want to announce their place as the joined clan heads to the namikaze and uzumaki clans. Minato responded calmly, "Kushina, we both know that Naruto wouldn't be a good clan head, let alone for two clans so let me ask you. Kushina lowered her head, "Mei and Mai" just then the two heard a snap towards the door causing them to look at the source.

Naruto was staring at the two with disbelief, hurt, pain, betrayal, tears clouding his vision, Naruto ran off leaving his "Parents" shouting after him, but Naruto didn't care, he slammed the door shut and locked it, then ran to his room and slammed it shut and locked, along with his window.

Inside, Naruto's room isn't just plain, if not for the small stack of clothes, the stack of book, and the bed role, Naruto's room would just be a room with the paint chipping horribly, and an awful smell of rotting flesh that can't be found.

Naruto sobbed quietly into his bed roll until he heard a gentle knock on his door, "Naruto? Honey, please come out, we need to talk to you. Naruto slammed his fist into the ground as hard as he could, stomped over to the door and slightly cracked it open, "What the hell do you people want!? The two flinched at his cruel tone but Naruto stepped up, "Naruto, I'm sorry to say this, as much as i'm sorry you found out the way you did, but you just wouldn't be a good clan head.

Naruto glared daggers at Minato and spat out, "And why the hell is that!? Because I'm not strong? You know exactly why I'm weaker than those two! Hell, you haven't even spent time with me since I was old enough to talk!In Konoha, a certain family is currently training, this family is the Uzumaki-Namikaze family.

A man with Spikey blonde hair and blue eyes, he wearing common jounin clothing and a white cloak with a fire pattern on the bottom of the cloak. The woman had long red hair with violet eyes wearing a white and green dress. Both of them were watching their daughter, who look like her mom but has her father eyes, finishing up her training they had her do.

Look at what I did" Nasumi yelled happily holding up the rasengan that is slightly wavering. If someone where looking at this they would think that they are the perfect family, which is far from the truth from the fact that a couple feet from them is a boy, the same age as the six year old girl but looks like Minato withwhere looking at them with an uncaring look.

This boy is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, who was neglected for his younger than five minute sister because of what both holds. You see on the night that they were born a mask man came and extracted the Kyuubi from Kushina. Minato went to seal the fox into both of his children but he was knocked out by Hiruzen Sarutobi who sealed the charka into Nasumi and the soul into Naruto at the cost of his own life.

After Minato woke up, he was informed that the third Hokage did the sealing which made minato angry since he looked up to Sarutobi as a grandfather. A three years later Jiraiya visit minato at the hokage office to tell him the toad prophecy.

Back to the present with Naruto looking his so called family. Naruto sighed then headed back into the house with looking back. If he had he would have seen his sister looking at him with concern look. She knew she and Naruto should be trained together but she doesn't have the courage to tell her parent that she doesn't want to train without Naruto. Naruto went into his room that was bare except a bed, desk, and bookshelf full with books about the world and heroes.

A Five year old Naruto is running from a mob of villagers that wants to get revenge against the demon that killed their love ones. Naruto then turns a corner, he runs into a dead-end. When Naruto turns to run back, he notice his way was block by the people. He began to walk through the sewers until he came to a large gate with a piece of paper that said seal. Naruto look into the cage only to jump back to avoid getting squashed by a giant paw. The kyuubi looked at naruto for a few moments before looking at his memories to only grow angry from how naruto parents neglect him, and the villagers would attack naruto to get revenge for their lost ones.

The kyuubi told naruto his name was Kurama and he will train naruto so he could survive. Since then Kurama started to train naruto, naruto began to distance himself from his family. Tomorrow was his and Nasumi birthday, that was day that naruto would escape the prison he calls konoha. The next day, everyone was setting up decorations for the kyuubi festival, while Nasumi woke up with a plan to bring her brother back into the family.

She woke up her parents by excitedly yell how it was her and nii-san birthdays. Her parents smiled at her and told her to wake up her brother so they can have breakfast. After Nasumi left, Kushina turned to her husband with a worried look and said "we forgot about naruto, we're horrible parents, we didn't get him anything for his birthday".

Nasumi had just reach her brother room, and was about to go in when the realization hit her. She had never been in her brother room so she was afraid. She left to tell her parent that he was there, but when they ask did she go check his room, she responded that she was scared because she have never been in his room before.

This caused her parent to realize they too never been in naruto room, so they told her that they and Nasumi would go wake him up. When they reach his room, they were about to open the door but the door open up to show naruto about leave to get a shower from what the dry towel told them. They told naruto breakfast will be done after he finish his dinner. After they left, naruto glare at them while thinking "how dare they act like they don't neglect and expect me to go along with it, oh I will definitely leave during the party".

He left to get a shower and then prepare for his departure. The party was in full swing and everyone was paying attention to Nasumi, who was angry about how no one cared for naruto.This reality in which I am writing about is taking place in a parallel universe to the Original Naruto-verse.

There are many changes in the continuity and the characters, there will be things taken from other stories and anything I can think off, so you can think of this reality as a fusion of all my favorite ideas. Review in your free time and all flames will be deleted and ignored.

I won't be answering questions just yet. In the heavens watching things unfold is the death god himself: The Shinagami. He was there when humans had their spark of life.

Those two brought chaos and destruction, the usage of chakra which was in essence their life force brought disaster to the human race and he watched as humans began escalating their conflicts throughout the world. He watched as the two sons of the Sage fought to near death, thanks to the manipulations of the will of kaguya. Then many years pass and once again an attempt at true peace is thwarted: Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju fight to the death all orchestrated once again by the will of Kaguya, He watches as the first, second and third shinobi wars occur and leave devastation in their wake.

The Shinagami knew that one day the balance of this world would soon be over turned and that the Natural state of things would soon be put in chaos. So he made a prophecy, about a child destined to save this world from the chaos eating at it. And now he watches the child of prophecy and his fate become infinitely more difficult thanks to the Will of Kaguya, the Sage's descendants, the boy's own family and the people of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Curse all of them! Thanks to them, the balance was in jeopardy. This was the last straw…. The Shinagami began to really question why it was mortals had been given free will if all they did was jumpstart the destruction of all creation?

Saitama walked home after his battle with Vacineman, depressed that this fight like all others ended with one punch. At the rate this was going he'll never get a good fight. Bald headed and possessing features that made him extremely mediocre no one noticed him walking by despite him wearing a yellow superhero costume with a cape.

Saitama: Okay! The next fight I'm in I'll try to hold back just to enjoy it more! He was so caught up in his thoughts that he never noticed the white kanji floating symbols that appeared around him for a split-second. He blinked and looked around. Saitama: That's funny I almost saw something…. Hiko Seijuro calmly breathed his last breath as slowly let himself go into the land of the dead. The secrets of Hiten Mitsurugu-Ryu die with him as it's last true master.

Even though he knew that in this changing world the legendary sword style held no place he felt a deep sadness at being the last master and unable to find a true student who would pass on his legacy. Kenshin and his son Kenji, while being good swordsmen, were never truly masters of the style and they would never teach it to anyone else. Just as he gave up his grip on life he saw an array of white glowing kanji surrounding his body.

As darkness filled his vision and he lost all sensation, in the back of his mind he knew exactly what happened and the only thing he could think of was…. Hidden in her long purple cloak, Merlin watched as Arthur practiced with his sword from the corner. Now of course she could be do anything else, but she decided to instead she decided to keep an eye on her ward.Four of the strongest shinobi in the village on the ground, unconscious.

naruto runs away from family fanfiction crossover

That is the scene Minato arrived upon after he felt the Kyuubi's chakra erupt and suddenly vanish. He thought it was Naruko throwing a fit but it wasn't as she was still in shock about his wife striking her for the first time. That lead him to think of the rest of his family.

His estranged son who had no talent had run away. He as such a burden to the family and was getting in the way of the prophecy. They reappeared in front of a massive faded red toad with a black hat sitting on a massive throne. Of course they had seen the Great Toad Sage before but not like this.

His usual calm and often peaceful demeanor was replace with killing intent that shocked them of how much there was.

His usually closed eyes were open and glaring down at them. The Great Toad Sage's eyes narrowed even further, "I mean you may have successfully thrown this world into choas! Their eyes widened but then grew confused, "What do you mean? We didn't do anything. Their eyes narrowed at this. He was weak and Naruko is the Child of Prophecy.

We had to focus on her. She can not even control the power of the Nine Tails without the the soul. She will go beserek after she grows a fourth tail.

Meanwhile the real Child of Prophecy was a true jinchuriki after a couple years when the soul regained it's chakra. The Great Toad Sage just snorted. You massacred his family and abandoned him. As an added fact, he has left this world.

naruto runs away from family fanfiction crossover

As of now for the mindful abuse and neglect of a child, you and all of Kohano have fallen from grace with the toads and will be removed from the Toad Contract!


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