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Naruto betrayed and joins anbu fanfiction

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Well, hope you enjoy! Your welcome to private message if you have a good Naru-Hina, Fem! This is the place were you can abcmouse login password Hinata with any boy. This is where you can have the joy of reading Hinata with other boys! Most stories contain the following: Powerful! Naruto, AU timelines, and Yaoi.

Het and Yuri pairings are also accepted, but there aren't that many.I'm not gonna lie that fact that anyone likes what I'm posting is incredible and blows my mind. Like I have no idea really what to say because it was so unexpected. I only plan to go to Part 4 with in my JoJo Series and I don't think I'll post more, but who knows you guys might make me reconsider with reviews!

Anyone want to see any specific events in part 4? Or does anyone want to see any particular story happen? I'm down to try any requests, just Dm m e what you wanna see! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Darkness Falls by Midnight Lost reviews After a brutal attack from the villagers, Naruto is offered a deal from an unlikely savior. Powerful abilities over darkness and shadow to either save or destroy.

Follow as Naruto shows everyone just how bright the darkness can be! Naruto, HaremxNaruto. It only gets worse from there. Through guilt tripping of the Hokage, the commander gains the newly graduated Naruto for his forces. Join Naruto as he becomes Team Ro's fourth member and what it means for the plot of Naruto.

Slow updates. They failed. He was changed. Thrown into an unknown world of bloody evolution. Now he must make his way through this new land and show just why he is known as a god of destruction and the King of the Monsters.

naruto betrayed and joins anbu fanfiction

May God help them all. Faunus Godzilla! Sisterly Bonding by YuriLover reviews Yang has always been protective of Ruby, ever since they were kids. She'd do anything to keep her safe, from Grimm down to the tiniest pickle jar. But, when hormones get involved, would Yang be willing to go that far for her? The short answer: Yes. Musical Hands by Marrei reviews Kakashihad been listening to an anonymous piano player for years till silence.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Prologue 2. I Hate My Life 3. I Hate You 4.

naruto quits team 7 and joins anbu fanfiction

The Secret's Out I Never Had A Family 6. Let The Test Begin 7. I'm Counting On You Mito-chan 9. Just Sexually Harassing an Uchiha So We Meet Again, Moomoo-sensei My First Kiss Just Hanging With My Bro You Guys Are Perverts Have Fun In Hell Gato Thanks Sakura-chan Is Something Wrong Bakashi? See, Your In Denial Sasu-chan She Didn't Deny It Yeah, and ROOT doesn't exist Mina-Toy Gaara's On His Man Period.

They seemed to snap out of their trance. I snort and glare coldly, "So, Hokage-sama, you finally noticed your only son is an ANBU, a black ops captain no less, that you have seen nearly every day. I'm guessing you never would've noticed if your precious baby girl didn't tell you. They look down ashamed. Mito speaks up, "Naru-nii, will you be my team's assistant teacher of something?Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto I think I should stop putting too many lengthy author notes and just keep focused on my stories, I bet you all get sick of hearing my excuses of my lack of updates anyway.

Short and simple, I need to get paid and writing fanfics does not get me paid. So I had to get a part-time job at a local restaurant and it has been keeping me busy. Also major note here: My enlistment into the army has been confirmed, I will be entering on the thirteenth of June this year. That means I will be stuck in camp with no internet at all for an extended duration lasting up to a few months.

After that I will be free to leave the camp on weekends though that is still far away, thus I will try to update as much content as possible within this few weeks. This idea kind of suddenly popped into my head for no real reason Silence permeated the darkness of the night, the only source of illumination being the silvery glow of the moon hanging in the night sky. Its ethereal glow casting shadows onto the foliage covered ground of the forest below, the wind rustling through the leaves causing the shadows to dance in tandem.

The silence was deafening, the silence was unnatural as the sounds of the forest inhabitants were not present as if they had all fled. Several of the burly security guards shifted nervously from foot to foot, their eyes warily scanning the shadow-strewn darkness before them with their hands resting on the hilts of their katana.

Their orders were simple, the prevention of any unauthorised entry into the small compound behind them. The compound was home to one of the major black market investors in a shady crime syndicate run by business tycoon Gato of Gato Shipping Corporations, which was just a cover-up for his real black market dealings.

Cause I sure as hell am Upon reaching the trees, the effeminate guard cautiously peeked around each trunk and sighed in relief at finding nothing but shadows and leaves. He slipped his kunai back into his thigh pouches as he turned around and waved to his fellow guards to relax. The thug man was interrupted midway as they witnessed the effeminate-looking man lose his head as blood sprayed out from the stump of his neck, the head landing in front of them with eyes wide open in shock.

Several seconds of silence followed before shouts and screams could be heard from the remaining guards as they all drew their weapons.

Several flickers of movement in the shadows to their right immediately garnered their attention as the group advanced as one with weapons at the ready, this left their left flank completely unguarded and they paid for it dearly. A cloaked figure dropped down into the clearing behind them, moonlight glinting of the pair of wakizashi in his hands as well as the porcelain mask over his face.

His arrival was soundless and his assault swift and deadly, all but one of the guards lay dead at his feet before the last one even noticed. Turning his head around slowly with a gulp, he came face to face with another white-porcelain mask with a demented grinning expression pictured on it.

And the man was dead before he even hit the ground due to a quick snap of the neck, his death signifying the last of the exterior guards as two other cloaked figures dropped down into the clearing. Now that they were out of the darkness and shadows, the moonlight fell freely upon the figures and illuminated their appearance. All four wore the same black, dark grey and grey camouflage-patterned cloaks. The wind blew open their cloaks to reveal similar black bodysuits covered with matte-grey armour over their chest, forearms and shins.

The four of them lowered their hoods but left their masks on, revealing many different hair styles and colours. The dual-wakizashi wielding member turned out to be a female with long dark purple hair tied into a simple ponytail, her white porcelain-mask bore the likeliness of a rabbit. The second member that had snapped the neck of the last guard had black spiky hair that swept backwards; his white porcelain-mask had the resemblance of a grinning demon.

The man seemed to not be armed in any form other than his weapon pouches and a standard issue tanto.

naruto betrayed and joins anbu fanfiction

The third member had a mane of dull-blonde hair and a clearly male muscle build, his white porcelain-mask was designed in the image of a lion which matched his hair.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Ever since the seal broke, Naruto's life has changed. He's been thrust into ANBU: he's starting to lose sight of which half is him and which half is his demon, he can't seem to find his way back to team seven, and he's been having these weird dreams - with a sky wrenched apart by a broken moon, a man with a staff, and a version of him with glowing, nine-tomoe eyes.

Letting all his masks break Naruto no longer has the energy to mend them and pretend to be a person he wasn't. So, Naruto follows Kurama's advice and joins the Anbu. Growing distant from the village he once so dearly loved Naruto felt eager for the first time in years when Lady Tsunade gave him a mission to guard a dear friend.

Ready to create stronger bonds and heal Naruto has grown in many ways over the years. Very few seem to realize just how much.

Naruto- The Anbu Chronicles Episode 1/ Return

While the Leaf want their knuckle head ninja back, The Akatuki want the Nine-tails, Sasuke still lusts for revenge and Naruto just wants to bask in the desert sun. To bad not everyone gets what they want. Uzumaki Natsuki. A strong willed girl with a mysterious past and a powerful quirk.

No one would think she had anything in common with the shy and quirkless Midoriya Izuku. But then again no one has ever truly know her. Together with her best friend and brother figure, Natsuki strives to become the strongest hero the world has ever seen. And maybe confront her past along the way. First publicized story: Danzo's machinations have led the Third Hokage to do something he never wished to do, Draft a young Uzumaki Naruto into Anbu. With war on the horizon, how will the seven year old girl survive, and what will the consequences of doing so be?

Violet Evergarden crossover is mostly concept only. Will contain gore and cursing. Naruto has been neglected most of his life by his parents and village for his younger siblings for a reason he doesn't fully understand, until he begins to train, that is. Naruto's whole life is turned upside-down after he meets the Kyuubi at five years of age, and begins to understand why he was left behind for so long, or so he thinks.

A goal is set into Naruto's mind - to become the strongest shinobi the world has seen, and prove to his family that just because he houses a tailed beast doesn't mean he is a monster.

With the help of his precious people, such as Shizune and Tsunade that have been there to support him since day one, Naruto has the chance to unlock his full potential and become the greatest ninja in the elemental nations. Things are never that easy, though. With hidden identities, tailed beasts, seal masters and more, chaos is sure to ensue.

Naruto was born with strength from within, but will that be enough to rise and survive the future that awaits him? Naruto was 21 when she was sent to the past to a time she had not lived. She was sent to the era of when Kakashi was still a chunin and was given a chance to right the wrongs of those who came before her. How she would do that would come along the way so for now, she'd try her best from the shadows she could enter.

Or so he thinks. Join him as he completes "missions" in the black ops in exchange for training, including his most challenging one yet: protecting one Sasuke Uchiha at school And Pein is over ruled?

Sasuke's got issues, sure. Right now, his biggest issue is figuring out how to confess to a certain idiot. Under the pressure of the Nine Tails attack on the Leaf, Minato is forced to use an unfinished seal on his son.

A couple months later, Sarutobi abruptly demands Jiraiya to return to the village in haste when the seal shows signs of breaking.Alright this is my first real fan fic so be nice! While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error. The AFF system includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent improper use of the AFF service, and we hope that its deployment indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in a fair and unbiased manner.

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Naruto, Dark! Naruto, Snapped! Naruto Protective!Naruto was waiting for the last two members of Squad Seven to show up before he would tell them about the next mission they would be on. His gaze flew to the side, prompting Rona and Mitsu to do the same. They had been relaxed a moment ago, but when your ANBU captain sees or hears something, you look or listen the same way. Until another moment later Kakashi or 'Inu' showed up. His mask was still on his face, but they could feel the serious mood.

naruto betrayed and joins anbu fanfiction

His mask looked blanker than ever. Naruto shifted his position to continue waiting for their newest member, who would replace Kakashi. He began right before Kakashi got too anxious. Yes, I actually have passed them. I am formally resigning from the ANBU.

I'll… I'll miss you guys. Inu, I'm sorry for replacing you this quickly, but we already have another mission and we need another person. So without further ado, I'd like you to meet Aki. Said person jumped out from behind a tree, mask completely bare save a small flaming heart in the rounded edge of white. Rona rolled her eyes and made a handsign.

Her eyes went sightless and Mitsu could see. He rubbed his hands together and rolled his shoulders back and forth. Inu, would you like to go on one last mission with us? I don't mind. The man wouldn't do too much tomorrow anyways.

When they were halfway to their destination, the border between Konaha and Iwa, Inu pulled his former captain aside. Naruto let the others go on a little ahead, falling back slightly to talk in private.

He checked to see if his hair was still dark before nodded for the other man to talk. It's been an honor to serve under the Ruby Maelstrom.

Not just that, but… You've saved my life on multiple occasions. It wouldn't feel right if I left without thanking you. Naruto's eyes blinked away sudden tears. He was an elite ninja; he wasn't supposed to show emotion! Well, I guess you're welcome, Inu.

I- I really couldn't bear to lose such a faithful subordinate.


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