Category: Generator factory acceptance test checklist

Generator factory acceptance test checklist

And your emergency power supply system EPSS needs to be designed to kick on in flood, earthquake, fire and storm conditions A. National Fire Protection Agency standard —the standard for emergency and standby power systems— outlines ways to prevent the disruption of life safety critical loads in case of emergency.

It also lists the tests required to prove compliance with the authorities having jurisdiction AHJthe agencies responsible for code enforcement in your area. Your EPSS will ultimately be installed, tested and maintained by your gen set manufacturer and approved by the authorities having jurisdiction AHJ. Your generator manufacturer —if familiar with NFPA — is another excellent resource to lean on throughout your journey to compliance.

At CK Power, our system engineers are well-versed in NFPAand other applicable standards, and can assist you in achieving compliance for your emergency power system.

Factory Acceptance Test for Generator Set

Through every stage of the EPSS approval process —design, installation, maintenance and testing— our engineers will be on your side, offering cost-effective, compliant solutions tailored to your particular application. For a complete guide to c4d water noise, download our straightforward guide to NFPA It also outlines the tests required to prove compliance with your AHJ.

Your EPSS is not considered compliant upon installation — you must prove its function and ability to carry all emergency loads 7. After passing the tests, your equipment will be warranted and commissioned by your AHJ for use as an emergency power system.

NFPA Chapter 8 outlines the minimum requirements for maintaining and testing your system. Notably, this is the only section of the standard that applies to both new and existing emergency power systems 1. Whether your system was installed yesterday or five years ago, the provisions in Chapter 8 apply to you and your EPSS. To assist in the development and execution of a compliant maintenance and testing program, the NFPA suggests you seek professional advice and work closely with the AHJ throughout the process.

Maintenance is a big part of what we do at CK Power. The purpose of these tests are to periodically verify the function of the system against the standard. These reports should include the date, personnel, notes of any problems, and documentation of the process you took to rectify any problems 8. The AHJ should have requirements about how long you should keep reports available for inspection. And along the way, your generator manufacturer should be able to answer any questions you might have about the installation, maintenance, operation and testing of a compliant NFPA EPSS.

For more information about the standard, read our no-nonsense guide to NFPA compliance for emergency power systems. Download the guide now. We are committed to supplying power solutions to our customers — without disruption. NFPA A steam sterilizer, whether used for pharmaceutical or laboratory sterilizing applications, is designed to use steam under pressure as the sterilizing agent.

When constructed, installed and operated correctly, a steam sterilizer should function properly and sterilize your load.

generator factory acceptance test checklist

Furthermore, how does the end-user know that the sterilizer they are buying is up to spec? We also discussed the importance of steam quality testing as part of validating your autoclave. In this post we highlight the key role Factory Acceptance Testing plays in ensuring a sterilizer is up to par prior to being shipped to the end user. Factory Acceptance Testing FAT is a process that evaluates the sterilizer during and after the assembly process by verifying that it is built and operating in accordance with design specifications.

As the name suggests, this testing is performed at the factory. FAT is typically conducted in order to assess any discrepancies and non-conformities, as well as develop a process for how they are to be handled. Deviations or abnormalities observed during testing are documented in a problem report and corrected prior to shipment. While the end goal for a manufacturer is to ship a sterilizer as soon as possible, FAT must be conducted in a thorough and forthright manner.

A poor or rushed FAT can lead to missed non conformities, which can only then be corrected after the equipment is installed—which in turn can wreak havoc on a project schedule. In short, the purpose of FAT is to document the results of the sterilizer testing at the factory prior to shipment.

There are several components that make up FAT. The product must be assembled, prepared, and connected to utilities for testing. Documentation such as drawings, ASME certificates, and test procedures must be gathered. And finally, testing must be conducted in the factory that follows specific test procedures. Once the procedure is approved, the manufacturer should test the equipment before the FAT begins. There is much documentation to be gathered and checked during FAT see Table 1 below for a sample list of key documents.

These documents are provided by the manufacturer before, during, and after the testing phase. Next comes the critical testing involved in FAT. Each critical system of the sterilizer is tested and referred to as a Test Case see Table 2. In order to confirm that the autoclave is operating correctly you must then set test objectives for each Test Case and develop acceptance criteria in accordance with your pre-test procedures.

The actual results of each test will be documented and indicated as either passed or failed. The initials of the tester are provided for each test as well as a signature sheet.You may also need review generator inspection and test plan. This content guides you through all the necessary stages in the production of the electric generators, including the material, final inspection, preservation and packing, and dispatch to site. You need to take this point into account: this article is written for a typical electric generator and might not be detailed for special cases.

All electric generator inspection and generator testing is done against the approved drawings, purchase order specifications, purchasers or company standards, and within the practices and rules of the country, state or province and any government decrees, laws, ordinance or regulation as may apply. The applicable codes and specifications for a electric generator that is under the construction process is:.

Your applicable codes and standards may be based on any international standards. This content is general and can be useful for all recognized standards.

generator factory acceptance test checklist

The list of documents normally is agreed upon in the Pre-Inspection meeting, which is held several weeks before the actual commencement of the inspection work. These are the list of documents that are normally agreed upon to be presented to the inspector:. The first actual inspection work in the electric generator is the raw materials inspection.

The original or authenticated copies of mill certificates of material normally are available at the manufacturer's premises. The third party inspector examines these certificates for compliance with specifications, and where appropriate with drawings.

The review includes checks on:. Ancillary e. It is necessary the content of certification to be appropriate to the required scope of the items. Then the inspector witnesses the materials identification on the certificates against the materials marking. It is also necessary to check these with the electric generator drawing datasheet, material list and other specifications as appropriate. Visual inspection for surface finish and probable defects is done and dimensional compliance with specification need to be controlled, as well.

How to Validate an Autoclave: Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

When the third party inspector carries out the material inspection, then provides the inspection visit report IVRthe report contains the following items:. When the electric generator raw material inspection is carried out, and the results were satisfactory or non-conformities were closed by remedial action, then the electric generator manufacturer will start fabrication.

The third party inspector checks the following points on the electric generator, based on the inspection and test plan ITPwhich has already been agreed upon between the purchaser and the electric generator manufacturer.

This depends in the inspection budget, which purchasers assign for inspection. Much more inspection will have a much larger cost and less risk, and conversely, less inspection will have less cost but more risks. The third party inspector checks the following items in the electric generator casing inspection process:.

The third party inspector checks that all layout, instruments, controls, terminal boxes, etc. The inspection is carried out in accordance of approved drawings. Generator Armature and field Windings Resistance Test is done before running test. Each phase winding of stator and rotor is tested by Kelvin Double Bridge instrument.

It is necessary the measured values to be corrected by using appropriate formula to obtain the resistance values in specified temperature. Generator armature and field windings insulation resistance test are done before and after dielectric test.As owner or operator of industrial facilities, successful and effective production depends on equipment that runs smoothly.

Equipment has to meet quoted or contractually guaranteed specifications prior to delivery and final installation.

Our factory acceptance testing services provide verification that all technical and quality requirements have been met before a component leaves the factory. As an independent verification and certification company, we support your project or manufacturing process with extensive services along the supply chain.

Generator testing: Achieving compliance under NFPA 110 Chapters 7 and 8

We ensure design specifications and prove the quality of your ordered equipment and components. Our factory acceptance testing services offer extensive solutions to ensure the quality and compliance with specifications and contractual requirements for equipment and components. Make sure that your equipment or plant performs as expected under a full range of foreseeable conditions and avoid costly contractual penalties if you are a manufacturer or project downtimes if you are an operator.

Check for completeness Verification against contractual requirements Proof of functionality by either a conventional function test or simulation Final inspection of equipment and components.

Services for proof of functionality We use conventional function tests or simulation as part of a factory acceptance test to prove that your plant, its systems and its components meet contractual requirements. Final inspection services We conduct the final inspection according to the specifications you approved. This may include checking conformity of drawings and documents, inspecting nameplate data, general appearance and verifying the quality of painting and coating.

Think global, act local. We offer a broad portfolio of tailored one-stop-shop solutions to cover all your needs along your supply chain. You can trust our many years of experience on global projects and our expertise in assuring the quality of your industrial equipment, machinery, components, products and materials. With our comprehensive supply chain solutions, we can mastering the complexity of industrial supply chains together. Ensure equipment, material, and components arrive at the right place, at the right time and function properly.

Protect project value by ensuring quality and preventing delays with our construction site supervision services. Vendor assessment services help you select capable and dependable suppliers anywhere in the world. Ensure that equipment you have purchased meets applicable regulations and satisfies your quality standards. World Site available in the following languages:.

Ensure proven quality and compliance of your purchased equipment with our factory acceptance tests. Contact us to ensure proven quality of your purchase and request a quote. Safeguard equipment functionality and safety with the support of our factory acceptance experts. Comprehensive FAT testing solutions to ensure quality and compliance with contractual Our factory acceptance testing services offer extensive solutions to ensure the quality and compliance with specifications and contractual requirements for equipment and components.Call: uksales.

There is a clear trend in the critical power industry for large-scale UPS systems installations. These large sites need a bigger power protection infrastructure — and bigger uninterruptible power supplies to match. For example, data centre operations are already at the 2 to 3 MW level and systems beyond 3 MW are beginning to appear.

The new uninterruptible power supply facility ensures that these, and future, even larger, UPS power systems can be completely tested before delivery.

The most important function of the UPS testing facility is the customer factory acceptance test FAT and the layout has been designed with this in mind. Not only that, but the facility also provides a unique tool for new product development, special product testing and type tests. Real uninterruptible power supply batteries can be used too: the test facility has UPS batteries of 90 Ah each, which provides 10 minutes of autonomy at kW.

The UPS batteries can be set up in a one- to four-string configuration, with 40 to 50 batteries per string. The nominal voltage of the UPS test bay is from to V phase-phase and any set point in between can be applied for continuous operation, with the input frequency at 50 or 60 Hz, again if required this can be varied between Hz. This full spectrum of power availability enables even the largest and most varied uninterruptible power systems to be fully tested.

The test area is laid out so as to make it easy to test extended UPS power systems — including, for example, uninterruptible power supplies, input and output switchgear, power distribution units PDUs and static transfer switches STSs. The facility also features dual input feed for large UPS power systems; up to 10 uninterruptible power supply units in one parallel system, and static system bypass module tests up to A.

Naturally, uninterruptible power supply requirements differ from customer to customer. To cover all possible customer test requests, a fully comprehensive suite of UPS test procedures is catered for in the test centre:. Kohler Uninterruptible Power places great value on customer participation at every step of the product delivery process, from initial design to final commissioning, and beyond.

This is why the UPS test facility includes a fully equipped conference room. In this comfortable location, which has large windows that overlook the test bays, customers, KUP and ABB engineers have a safe environment in which they can closely monitor the entire test process.

As well as direct visual access, measurements from the test bays are displayed in the conference room. In case travel is not convenient or the customer wants to share the FAT event with others, the facility is fully equipped with teleconference and video services to allow customer participation in FATs, or any part thereof, from anywhere on the planet.

FATs are recorded for future forensic analysis, record keeping and traceability. By their very nature, large power set-ups consume a lot of energy.

Kohler Uninterruptible Power places great emphasis on lowering emissions and that is why the UPS test equipment has been designed to recycle the energy used during testing. The test power is circulated around electronic loads, which means only 10 per cent of the actual power used in the test is taken from the public mains power supply.

Large-scale UPS systems power specifications are increasing year-by-year, as applications grow ever more power-hungry and complex. As one of the few major UPS suppliers in the power protection market, KUP has, with this UPS test facility, a tool to reinforce the ability of the company to successfully design, build and test high-quality UPS power supplies systems for applications involving the highest power applications.

If you are interested in using the new UPS test facility or would like more information regarding any of our large-scale UPS systems please get in touch: uksales. YouTube Twitter LinkkedIn.

Military surplus generator repair, and first start after years of sitting

A test centre for large-scale UPS systems. Flexible layout The test area is laid out so as to make it easy to test extended UPS power systems — including, for example, uninterruptible power supplies, input and output switchgear, power distribution units PDUs and static transfer switches STSs.

UPS testing regimes Naturally, uninterruptible power supply requirements differ from customer to customer. To cover all possible customer test requests, a fully comprehensive suite of UPS test procedures is catered for in the test centre: Visual inspection quality, safety, labels and markings, etc.

Dynamic tests changes of operating mode, step load, overload, fuse clearing, etc. Transformer heat run Failure simulations e. System tests load sharing, faulty module isolation, etc. Burn-in test Connectivity test AC load short-circuit test: individual phases or all together phase to phase, phase to neutral, etc. Witness test experience in comfort and modern ambience Kohler Uninterruptible Power places great value on customer participation at every step of the product delivery process, from initial design to final commissioning, and beyond.A factory acceptance test is a major project milestone where a piece of equipment is demonstrated to meet the contract or purchase order requirements specifications, which are usually created by a systems owner, project manager or project team.

Conducting and completing successfully a factory acceptance test is a project and financial milestone, given that a substantial part of the purchase order is usually 'triggered' or payed after a successful factory acceptance test. This factory acceptance testing checklist enables companies to properly manage their acceptance tests. Many companies fail to properly document, track and share factory acceptance tests - or rush through them to ship or receive product as fast as possible - but being smart and organised about your FAT's pays off big time, in both time and monetary gains.

This factory acceptance testing checklist provides you with a standardised and proven framework for conducting and actioning your FAT's, improving your factory acceptance test procedures and improving product and project quality.

Dashpivot is user friendly quality management software trusted by industrial companies. Use this template now. This factory acceptance testing checklist is free to use, and makes FAT checklists easy to complete, track and share. Preview the full template. How does this digital factory acceptance testing checklist work? Preview how this digital factory acceptance testing checklist works below. Open a checklist entry, toggle between view and even edit customise the template.

Use this factory acceptance testing checklist for free. This factory acceptance testing checklist is easy to use and flexible to adapt to whatever your use case is:. Defect Report template Manage and rectify those inevitable defects with ease. Construction Punch List template Punch your way through those punch lists with this powerful template. Snag list template Don't let snags get in the way of project completion.

See how. Click here to use this template for free. Sitemate is the industries most flexible project management software. See how it can streamline your projects, teams and forms today. Learn more. Watch a demo. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you continue to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies.Download free book at.

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generator factory acceptance test checklist

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Rated power factor tests and installation acceptance of emergency. Click Here to Download or Read Online. Factory Acceptance Testing Guideline. Planning The planning presents a set op of the appropriate.

It is important to understand the need to test the generator set in. Reference list.

generator factory acceptance test checklist

Acceptance testing of the installed generator set shall be conducted by a factory. Where a generator set is used for peak load shaving or operated during a power.


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